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October 5, 2012



Today I read about James Brown, a British property developer.  Brown was a multimillionaire, who retired at the age of 36 to Portugal.  It was in Portugal that he was first introduced to cocaine.

Brown became an addict and his nose collapsed because the cartilage had been eaten away.

It brought to mind the horrible fate of Louis Miceli, at one time the most powerful member of the American Stock Exchange.  Do not misunderstand me.  Miceli deserved his horrible fate.  Perhaps, I would not have despised Miceli, if he had possessed the courage to fight me- instead of posturing like at tough guy on the floor of the American Stock Exchange.

Circa 1987 Miceli underwent a rhinoplasty to repair the damage done to his nose by cocaine.  It failed.  A year later Miceli underwent another rhinoplasty.  This one succeeded more or less.  But there was a problem with Miceli- his mind.

Miceli visited a neurologist.  A brain scan was ordered.  The images of Miceli’s febrile brain showed white spots.  These white spots were a dead zone.

Miceli was told that eventually he would be in diapers- urinating and defecating in his pants.  But this did not change Miceli.  Miceli still continued to be a bitch- like several members of the WBAI Local Station Board, most notably Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin, and Alex Steinberg, who support Pedophilia.

Circa 2001 Miceli attended the wedding of Peter Orloff’s daughter.  (Peter Orloff was another punk cocaine abuser.)  A celebrant at the wedding told me that Miceli was dribbling and could not raise his fork to his mouth.  Miceli had to be fed.  (And his old concubine, Barbara Mangan, was not feeding him.  He had dumped her a long time prior to this incident for a young Pat Spinnler.)

A few years later, Joel Lovett and Paul Oscher, friends from the Amex, would visit Miceli in Florida.  Some days he could not get out of bed.

Later on Miceli was worried about eternal punishment.  His sociopath friend, Robert Van Caneghan, could not bear to hear this.

The result:  Miceli was hurled from his boat; and he drowned.

Don’t feel sorry for Miceli.  Once a bitch, always a bitch.  Miceli died as he deserved to die- like the bitch that he was. 

Recently met two Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in federal court.  

As I spoke to them I discussed the murder of Louis Miceli.  I told them that, when I was writing for The Black Star News, I had received a phone call from a woman, who claimed to be Robert Van Caneghan’s mistress.   

In reality it was a distant relation of Robert Van Caneghan.  She gave me the usual baloney about VanCaneghan.  (I spell the name in two different ways because he has used two different spellings.)

But VanCaneghan’s cousin gave me valuable information.  She told me how Miceli was murdered.  As I recounted to the FBI Agents, Miceli was penitent.  He did not wish to die without confessing his sins.  Miceli wanted to confess his drug smuggling and money laundering.  Since VanCaneghan was involved in these two activities, VanCaneghan grew nervous.

So one day four people were on his boat.  When they left, they left the gate open.  Someone went through the open gate; hit Miceli on the head; and threw him into the water. 

Miceli only had one friend, who was strong.   Robert Van Caneghan could bench press 350 pounds.

In the end Miceli was betrayed by the individual, whom he had taken in as his partner.

In his last moments Miceli realized that his good friend was a psychopath.

Anyone with information concerning the murder of Louis Miceli, can contact me by posting a comment. 

I had to laugh because the only person, who would put up with VanCaneghan was Ginger Ketcham, who assisted VanCaneghan in covering up the rapes of his female employees.


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