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October 6, 2012

CERTIFIED MAIL P 228 322 678



                                                                                    Edward Manfredonia

                                                                                    8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                                    Apt. 4B

                                                                                    Elmhurst, New York 11373

                                                                                    2 July 1996


Ms. Carmen Lawrence

Regional Director

Securities and Exchange Commission

Northeast Regional Office

7 World Trade Center



Dear  Ms. Lawrence:


I request that the following information not be provided to the American Stock Exchange.  The AMEX legal department and its governors have willfully and knowingly permitted crime to reach epidemic proportions.  Furthermore, the legal officers of the AMEX have permitted this criminal activity to continue.


The information, which I shall provide to you is minor, however, I shall provide you with more information.  (Note:  William McLucas has refused to investigate, and has permitted illegal activity at the AMEX.)




Alan Umbria is an AMEX member.  Umbria is also a front  man for the Mafia.  Umbria was a partner in a restaurant, The Court of the Three Sisters, which was a Mafia front. (I state was, because I do not know if he is currently the proprietor of this restaurant.)  I have been informed that Alan Umbria did not use the proper address on his broker-dealer.  Individuals have stated that Alan Umbria used a Pennsylvania address as his address.  This address is not his permanent address.  (I suggest that you examine the address on his incorporation papers.  Someone has stated that Umbria resides in Brooklyn, but I do not know if that is true.)


On 6 December 1993, Alan Umbria threatened my life in front of witnesses.  This death threat  occurred at the rear entrance of the American Stock Exchange, on Greenwich Street.  The AMEX used its political influence with the District Attorney to that no action was taken.  This necessitated the involvement of the FBI, Agent Joseph Yastremski, who visited the AMEX and spoke to Umbria.


The remuneration, which Umbria had received as an employee of Carl Icahn, was not sufficient for Umbria to lead a lavish lifestyle.  (You can verify his remuneration.)


Umbria also runs an illegal gambling operation on the floor of the AMEX and has introduced his Mafia friends to his AMEX buddies.


Note:  I do not trust the SEC.  The SEC did not fine Robert VanCaneghan and Louis Miceli guilty  for their participation in the stock fraud, PNF.  (And they were guilty of many violations.)


I am aware that Arthur Levitt is Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, but Levitt is actively covering-up many illegal activities at the AMEX. 






                                                                                    Edward Manfredonia


PS. Whatever happened to the investigation of RAS Securities?  I had informed FBI Agent Joseph Yastremski of the illegal trading in stocks by RAS Securities approximately one month before the story broke in Business Week.  I declined to unearth more information when I was informed that the SEC would investigate the matter. 


You must understand that the SEC provides all the information to the American Stock Exchange.  And the AMEX covers up everything.


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