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October 6, 2012


                                                                   Edward Manfredonia

                                                                   8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                   Apt. 4B

                                                                   Elmhurst, NY 11373

                                                                   15 February 2011


Mr. Reto Franconi

Chief Executive Officer

Deutsche Borse AG

Borsenplatz 4




Dear Mr. Franconi:


I am a financial reporter for The Black Star News, a weekly newspaper which is published in New York City.


In 1993 I was wired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The Assistant United States Attorney, who wired me was AUSA Frances Fragos, better known to you as Frances Fragos Townsend, President George W Bush’s advisor on Homeland Security.  I have provided a copy of the FBI wire order for your perusal.


I am a former American Stock Exchange Market Maker.  So pay attention to what I am writing.


I know that you are Swiss.  But surely you remember the stories of rape and pillage in World War II.  In this letter I am going to present you with proof of rape and pillage at the NYSE-AMEX.  The New York Stock Exchange is a RICO, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.  It has not been indicted under RICO because the United States government never indicts Wall Street firms under RICO- although when Rudy Giuliani was United States Attorney for the Southern District of the State of New York, Drexel Burnham and EF Hutton collapsed when faced with the possibility of a RICO indictment. 


As you have seen the merger of the New York Stock Exchange, Euronext and the American Stock Exchange has been a complete failure.  And the NYSE computerized trading system is a joke with outmoded technology- and this wisdom was imparted to me by NYSE and NYSE-AMEX specialists.


The first part of this letter will discuss some interesting characters at the New York Stock Exchange.


One interesting character is Ginger Ketcham VanCaneghan, a manager at the NYSE.  In the last year Ginger Ketcham married Robert VanCaneghan, a former member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange.  Nothing unusual about that- except that Robert VanCaneghan is a money launderer and confessed serial rapist.  This is discussed more fully in my article, “Ex-Wall Street Trader’s Shadow Raises Questions In Canada,” which was published in The Black Star News on 27 November 2009.    My research for this article led to a death threat to be made against me- and this death threat is discussed in my article, “Two Death Threats in Last Month,” which appeared in The Black Star News on 6 December 2009.  Copies of these articles have been enclosed.


Now Ginger Ketcham was not a disinterested observer in these rapes.  She knew of these sexual assaults and covered up these assaults because she knew that VanCaneghan was her gravy train.  It has been stated that VanCaneghan married Ginger because he did not wish her ever to testify against him.  It is obvious that this marriage was made for this purpose.  VanCaneghan’s net worth is approximately $20 million.  Ketcham is paid approximately $100,000.  So this couple does not need the money.  VanCaneghan winters on Jupiter Island in Florida. 


Incidentally in 1993 VanCaneghan admitted the rapes of his former employees to members of the Board of the Amex.


Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the Amex at the time of the rapes and was at the time of VanCaneghan’s confession to the rapes was Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, prevailed with the Clinton administration to cover up these rapes- as well as the money laundering activities of Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan, members of the Board of the Amex; and the narcotics smuggling of Louis Miceli.


All of the above information is contained in my series of 8 articles, which describe an FBI investigation into the Amex.  A brief description of the articles is listed below and I have enclosed copies of these articles for your purview.  Really you will find these articles quite informative- especially because when the NYSE purchased the Amex it was apprised of the information contained in these articles. 


Well you are not German; you are Swiss.  But the rapes by VanCaneghan and the ensuing cover up by the Amex, NYSE and the NYSE-Amex are comparable to the rapes of German women when the Russians conquered Germany in WWII.  And these rapes will eventually receive more notoriety.


Oh yes let us get back to Ginger.  Ginger Ketcham VanCaneghan was promoted to manager, even though she is a total incompetent because the NYSE-AMEX wished to show its total disdain for the law.  And that the NYSE-AMEX would protect a rapist and his co-conspirator wife.


VanCaneghan’s partner, Louis Miceli, in both the eponymous Amex specialist unit, Miceli and VanCaneghan and the laundering of drug money from the Cayman Islands via their specialist firm, is typical of the Amex.  The drug money was laundered via a subsidiary of Spear Leeds and Kellogg, which was purchased by Goldman Sachs in 2000.  Now Goldman was not a virgin in this matter.  Goldman knew of the rapes, the cover up of the rapes, the money laundering, and the narcotics smuggling.  But Goldman’s objective is money- and Goldman knows that, no matter how heinous the crime, Goldman and the NYSE will never be indicted. 


But once Deutsche Boerse purchases the NYSE, everything will change because it is no longer an American institution that is being protected.


Now there is something interesting about Miceli.  It was stated that while Miceli was cleaning his boat, The Jaded Lady which he used to smuggle cocaine from the Bahamas, Miceli fell from his boat; hit his head; and, subsequently drowned.  A nice story.


Miceli suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome from cocaine abuse and could barely stand up.  So he could not be cleaning his boat.  And he could not be standing. 


But enough of that.  The aforementioned material is mentioned in my articles.


Now let us speak of Ken Bracer, a Goldman Sachs employee and punk.  Bracer likes to beat up people who cannot fight.  Bracer has never entered a boxing ring, or even a karate dojo.  He is huge and likes to be a barroom brawler.  Many years ago Bracer threatened me.  Bracer told me that he would get me when I was alone.  I told him that I was alone and that none of his friends were around.  Nothing occurred.


Bracer once threatened Adolfo, who worked at the Amex and was a veteran of WWII who served under Patton.  Adolfo was 80 years old; had undergone open heart surgery; and weighed perhaps 110 pounds- or 50 kilos.  Bracer weighed 260 pounds.  So you can see what a hero Bracer is.  Let him go to some mixed martial arts venue and try his nonsense.  He would be knocked out with one punch.


But Bracer, an employee of Spear Leeds and Kellogg, was much more than that.  Bracer abused cocaine and was involved in a stock parking scheme and illegal options trading scheme at the Amex in 1993-1995.  Bracer parked stocks and options and assisted Pat Schettino and Joe Roffler in the RICO enterprise known as Bullseye Securities.  Bracer was an employee of Spear Leeds and Kellogg and violated federal securities laws.  Arthur Levitt ordered the SEC to let the Amex discipline Roffler, Schettino, Bullseye, and other Amex members.  It was a huge cover up.  More than 20 Amex floor brokers traded illegally for Bullseye.  I provided information on illegal trading by 10 Amex brokers for Bullseye.  These Amex floor brokers included Frank Postiglione, Danny Donner, John Baldasere, etc.  I provided trading sheets, account numbers, etc.  But Levitt and the SEC guaranteed a cover up.  So you can understand why Bracer is such a hero to Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.


This Amex cover up of illegal trading at Bullseye Securities was not as egregious as the cover up by the NYSE of the illegal trading at Oakford, which involved illegal trading by William Johnston, the President of the NYSE, and 100 other NYSE floor brokers.  By the way look at my 2006 correspondence to you.  You will see proof that  I wrote to you about the illegal trading of Johnston and Oakford in a letter, and also about Edward Kwalwasser’s perjury in federal court and his perjured testimony to cover up illegal trading at the NYSE.


Please remember that Kwalwasser was Dick Grasso’s attack poodle.  While in charge of Legal and Regulatory at the NYSE, Kwalwasser led the investigation into Mike LaBranche to determine if he had leaked information to The Wall Street Journal about Grasso’s pay package.  Now that was not the formal charge of the investigation, but Grasso wanted to determine if Mike LaBranche had leaked information to the press regarding his outlandish pay package.  So Grasso and Kwalwasser, two female attack poodles, decided to bring down Grasso’s only critic at the NYSE- Mike LaBranche.  Now Grasso hated Mike LaBranche. 


Mike LaBranche hated William Johnston because, while serving as a partner at LaBranche and earning in excess of $6 million per annum, Johnston illegally traded the stock of AT&T (symbol T) for an illegal trading account at Spear Leeds and Kellogg.  Johnston served as the specialist in T when Mike LaBranche was otherwise occupied.  When Johnston, a roaring drunk, served as specialist, he illegaly traded the stock of AT&T for his illegal trading account at Spear Leeds and Kellogg- an account that was approved of by Harvey Silverman . 


Not only that but Johnston would go down to the QT (Questionable Trade) Room at the NYSE and verify with the SLK clerks that all his trades had cleared.  And no taxes were declared by Johnston on this illegal trading scame.  That is the way Spear Leeds and Kellogg had set up all illegal trading accounts.  (Bracer, Schettino and Joe Roffler provided information to me about this.)  The illegal trading of Oakford was the model for Schettino’s illegal trading.  And nobody at Spear Leeds and Kellogg was even disciplined for this violation of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.


By the way Bill Killeen swore that Grasso knew about the illegal trading of Oakford.  The SEC and Department of Justice refused to investigate.  That is why many Wall Street firms utilize Debevoise and Plimpton, the law firm of Mary Jo White former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  White refused to prosecute Goldman Sachs, Spear Leeds and Kellogg, the New York Stock Exchange, Robert VanCaneghan, Louis Miceli, Edwin Crooks a Board member of the Amex who set up Miceli with the drug smugglers,


Now let us examine the instance of Jonathan Frey, senior partner in Streicher & Co., a specialist firm at the NYSE-AMEX.  He is really interesting.  Frey was the brother of Joseph Greenwald, who was one of the central figures in the insider trading case of Motel 6.  I was present when Greenwald passed this information to Frey.  But that is not all.  According to Greenwald Frey passed this information to Bear Stearns.


But here is something even better.  Frey was upset with Tony Boglioli, Vice Chairman of the Amex taking a bribe to sell the Amex.  So Frey passed along information on the Amex to Jenny Anderson who was at the New York Post.


But Frey is a stock manipulator.  When Devon Energy was issuing a secondary, Frey illegally supported the price of Devon Energy.  I was told also that Frey was selling the stock of Devon Energy short on a minus tick, so I reported him to Devon Energy.  Devon notified the Amex and Frey was disciplined- for price fixing the stock.  Frey was fined $250,000.  But Frey did not care.  (That information came from Ray Soldivero, an employee of Streicher, who was upset that he had to wait so long to be given a seat at the Amex.)


Several years later Frey was disciplined for illegally trading 24 stocks- selling stock short on a minus tick, taking the offer, front running customer orders, etc.  Yet, Frey is a respected member of the NYSE.  Oh yes his wife is a collateral descendant of Hermann Goering- and Frey brags about this, in part because his former father-in-law is Alan Greenberg, former CEO of Bear Stearns, who according to Frey hates Christians.


Don’t believe me.  Look up his CRD and disciplinary actions.


But Frey also provided me with information about other members of the NYSE-AMEX.  Frey told me that the two Arenstein brothers had illegally earned in excess of $20 million by illegally selling stock short on a market maker exemption.  But Frey told me something else.  Look up the decision for Highland Securities.  You will never see the name of the specialists mentioned.  According to Frey the two brother-specialists earned in excess of $50 million by selling stock short on a minus tick under the market maker exemption.  They were fined a pittance and lost their specialist unit, including the Lilly option.  No jail time.  And they kept the $50 million.  According to Frey their tax returns were fraudulent and Goldman, which was their clearing firm, assisted them in not paying taxes.


I have enclosed for your perusal copies of eight articles in a series, which I have written for The Black Star News.  These articles detail a federal investigation at the American Stock Exchange.  The crimes, which were investigated, included a Mafia stock fraud, narcotics smuggling and money laundering.  These crimes were perpetrated by Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan, members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange.


These articles are as follows:


“The SEC Are Clown Police On Wall Street,” which was published in The Black Star News on 17 November 2010


“How Can Clowns Police Wall Street,” which was published in The Black Star News on 15 December 2010.


“Wall Street:  When The Patients Guard The Asylum,” which was published in The Black Star News on 19 December 2010.


“Protecting Criminals Was Routine On Wall Street,” which was published in The Black Star News on 24 December 2010.


“Fragos Knows Where The Skeletons Are Buried On Wall Street,” which was published in The Black Star News on 30 December 2010.


“Wall Street:  Why Money And Injustice Always Won,” which was published in The Black Star News on 7 January 2011.


“Wall Street:  Who Said Crime Doesn’t Pay?” was published in The Black Star News on 14 January 2011.


“Wall Street Corruption:  The Fish The FBI Wouldn’t Catch,” was published in The Black Star News on 20 January 2011. 


I hope that these 8 articles in addition to my other pieces will convince you that the NYSE is not worth damaging the reputation of the Deutsche Boerse- unless you believe that $10 billion dollars can be thrown away on a RICO institution.


Thank you.





                                                                   Edward Manfredonia 


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