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October 6, 2012

CERTIFIED MAIL 7011 1570 0000 7158 3507

                                                                             Edward Manfredonia

                                                                             8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                             Apt. 4B

                                                                             Elmhurst, NY 11373

                                                                             5 October 2012

The Honorable Robert S Mueller


Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20535-0001


Dear Director Mueller:


I am requesting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation rectify a criminal act by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


In 1993 the FBI, specifically FBI Special Agent Joseph Yastremski and then afterwards FBI Special Agent Michael Degnan initiated an investigation into an Italian Mafia stock fraud, PNF, which was initiated at the American Stock Exchange; an investigation into money laundering from the Cayman Islands by Robert Van Caneghan and Louis Miceli, two members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange; narcotics smuggling by Louis Miceli; and, most importantly a cover up of a series of rapes, which had been perpetrated by Robert Van Caneghan. 


Please note that in 1991 Van Caneghan had admitted to these rapes to Ed Guttman, a senior managing director of Bear Stearns and then to Alan “Ace” Greenberg, CEO of Bear Stearns. 


In 1993 Van Caneghan admitted these rapes to Joel Lovett, Vice Chairman of the American Stock Exchange; Paul Volcker, a member of the Board of the Amex; Burton Malkiel, Princeton Professor; Martin Feldstein; Alair Townsend; etc.


In 1993 I was wired by the FBI.


At the time Assistant United States Attorney Frances Fragos told me that she would convict Van Caneghan.


Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the American Stock Exchange and then Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, wanted these crimes covered up- and they were covered up.  So too did Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan District Attorney.


I have been illegally harassed; I have received death threats; and I have been followed.  These illegal acts have been committed with impunity because of the cover up initiated by the FBI.


On 29 August 2012 I met with FBI Special Agent.  This meeting was because once again my life had been threatened- most likely by the Russian Mob. 


On 1 October 2012 my computer, e-mail, and blog were hacked into because I was writing about crime on Wall Street.  I mailed my computer to the FBI in the hope that these individuals can be known and prosecuted.


I am still being harassed because I am against rape.


Nail the individuals, who are harassing me.


And have a press conference.  During the press conference you can apologize for the rapes, which the FBI covered up.  That is what a man would do.


Thank you.





                                                                   Edward Manfredonia


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