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October 6, 2012


CERTIFIED MAIL 7011 0110 0000 3651 1915

                                                                             Edward Manfredonia

                                                                             8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                             Apt. 4B

                                                                             Elmhurst, NY11373

                                                                              9 September 2012


Mr. Chris Hatzis

Program Director


120 Wall Street

10th floor

New York, NY 10005


Dear Mr. Hatzis:


I am writing to you concerning the financial frauds of Milton Allimadi, who co-hosts a show with Gary Byrd, self-styled Imhotep. 


I am a former writer for The Black Star News.  Milton and I had a disagreement because he attempted to involve me in his financial fraud. 


Let me state from the outset that Milton Allimadi is a sociopath, who has boasted to me on numerous occasions that he is only interested in his self-advancement.


Allimadi is one of the most important reasons that Gary Byrd did not succeed Gil Noble as Producer of “Like It Is.” 


Allimadi was banned from “Like It Is” after my charges of financial improprieties and fraud were investigated.  If you disbelieve my statement I strongly urge you to contact Anne Sweeney, President of Disney Television, in California.


I must now address one of Milton’s fraudulent schemes, which involves WBLS and the “Gary Byrd Show.”


While I was in the office of The Black Star News, listeners would telephone the Gary Byrd Show concerning their legal problems.  J D Livingston, producer of the Gary Byrd Show, would refer listeners of the “Gary Byrd Show” to Allimadi.  Frequently, these were individuals, who were in the criminal justice system.  These individuals would tell Milton about the injustice, which they encountered.  Milton would refer these individuals, who had either pleaded guilty or were found guilty, to an attorney.  While I was there, the attorney to whom Allimadi referred these individuals was Neville Mitchell, whose offices, I believe, were situated at 225 Broadway.  (On two occasions I brought papers from Milton to Neville.)


The problem is that Allimadi would refer these individuals to Mitchell when there was no chance of an appeal or no hope for their case because the case had been adjudicated- and there was no new evidence.


Mitchell would charge these referrals a fee of $250. 


In a quid pro quo, Mitchell would represent Allimadi in court- in several instances it involved Allimadi not paying his rent for 11 Broadway.  Note:  Allimadi moved to 32 Broadway and is still not paying rent.


Mitchell eventually realized that Allimadi was playing him, and refused to deal with Allimadi.


Allimadi is a grifter.  He embezzled approximately $1 million from The Black Star News; he made fraudulent misrepresentations concerning the circulation of The Black Star News to Columbia University, CUNY, Con Edison, etc.  Note:  The press run of The Black Star News was only several hundred copies.  I personally distributed copies of The Black Star News when my articles appeared.  Otherwise, the copies were not distributed.  The only press runs of 2,000 were when Charles Barron ran for office.


If there is a dispute concerning the press runs, I will gladly present invoices from the printer.


Allimadi was such a sociopath that he made misrepresentations to a law firm, Jaffe & Asher, which was attempting to find investors to place their money in The Black Star News.  Allimadi’s con job led to Irwin leaving Jaffe & Asher.


I attempted to have Allimadi change his way of life, but he refused and then attempted to involve me in his frauds.


Regardless, I have now informed you of Allimadi’s fraudulent misconduct- and if he defrauds any listener or employee of WBAI, WBAI is liable.


Thank you.





                                                                             Edward Manfredonia


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