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October 7, 2012


CERTIFIED MAIL 7011 0470 0003 5208 2808

                                                                             Edward Manfredonia

                                                                             Financial Reporter

                                                                             8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                             Apt. 4B

                                                                             Elmhurst, NY11373

                                                                             8 January 2012


Ross Wisdom CPA, PLLC

29 Broadway

Suite 1412

New York, NY 10006


Dear Sir:


I am a member of the WBAI Finance Committee. 


In this missive I will prove that not only is R Paul Martin a financial innumerate, but that he is a fool because he is proud of being a financial innumerate. 


Formerly I was a financial reporter for The Black Star News, but I left because of massive financial improprieties at The Black Star News- no taxes filed, massive embezzlement, circulation fraud, etc.  Milton Allimadi has also stolen money from unfortunate African-Americans, who have contacted him about their misfortunes.  Yet the WBAI Local Station Board prefers to have Milton Allimadi, the Proprietor and Publisher of The Black Star News who was responsible for these crimes, appear on WBAI than have me, Edward Manfredonia who is a former trader, member of the American Stock Exchange, and holder of an MBA in Finance.




Well I went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a series of rapes, narcotics smuggling, money laundering, Mafia stock fraud at the Amex, etc.   So I am regarded as a ritually unclean leftist by Mitchel Cohen, Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin, etc.  I have enclosed a copy of my FBI wire order for your perusal.  Please note the name AUSA Francis Fragos- better known to you as Frances Fragos Townsend, President George W Bush’s Personal Advisor on Homeland Security. 


I will now present proof of the accounting innumeracy of R Paul Martin and his cohort, Carolyn Birden.  And I will quote from a missive that I sent to Arlene Engelhardt:


One of the first articles, which I presented to the WBAI LSB, was titled:  “Goldman’s Obscene Bonuses,” which was published in The Black Star News on 1 March 2007.  This article details accounting fraud at Goldman Sachs in its purchase of Spear Leeds and Kellogg.  Of importance is the concept of amortization, which I did not pursue in detail.  But amortization is a concept similar to depreciation, which deals with accounting for the use and “wear and tear” of an asset.  Martin’s lack of knowledge concerning the basic concept of depreciation and his lack of knowledge of any basic concepts of accounting were the reason that he did not understand the importance of my article, which detailed accounting fraud at Goldman Sachs.  The Goldman Sachs Foundation gave several million dollars to Morehouse College in an attempt to influence my articles.  Birden labeled this article narcissistic- because she lacked any understanding of economics, accounting and finance. 


I have enclosed a copy of the article, “Goldman Sachs Obscene Bonuses,” for your perusal.  I hope that you will conclude that R Paul Martin is a total innumerate in accounting and a total illiterate in taxes and therefore is totally unqualified for the positions of Treasurer of the WBAI LSB and as Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.  These positions must be separated and held by qualified professionals without any ties to the present regime at WBAI.  The present regime has awarded its cohorts with radio programs and favors- something that is forbidden to an IRC 501(c)(3)


Thank you.





                                                                             Edward Manfredonia


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