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October 16, 2012



George Roeser was one of a kind at the American Stock Exchange.  Here was the short, balding, not bright individual, who was always attempting to prove that he was someone.  Many Amex members referred to him as “Little Georgy” because he was such an unimportant person. 


Whenever Roeser attempted to be a man, he failed quite miserably.


There were numerous times he attempted to act like a tough guy with me; but after I told him that his mother performed oral sex upon me, Roeser was very quiet.


Then he would attempt to be a man as a specialist in AOL options at the American Stock Exchange, now known as the NYSE MKT.  (Changing the name does not change the corruption.)  Unfortunately Roeser could not make markets in options.


Whenever a broker would enter the AOL trading crowd and ask for a market in an option or a spread, Roeser would nod toward David Palmer, an Amex market maker.  Palmer would give the quote and the size.


After LaBranche purchased the option specialist unit from J Streicher & Co., Roeser was placed in charge of the option specialist unit.


Roeser lived up to his name, “Little Georgy.”  But Roeser’s losses were anything but little.  Roeser managed to lose several million dollars in a few months. 


Mike LaBranche permitted Roeser to stay in his office and state that he was working for LaBranche Securities while he was searching for employment, but in reality “Little Georgy” was unemployed.


George Roeser was a little man, who wanted to be a tough guy- only to become a coward.


I wish to thank Jonathan Frey for much of the above information.



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