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October 16, 2012




Recently I came across a letter, which was published on 6 November 2008 to the editor of the Phoenicia Times, a newspaper in New York State.  The subject matter of this letter was Obama and taxes.  But it was the name of the individual, Margot Peter, who wrote this letter to the editor, that brought back memories of price fixing in the options of Chase Manhattan Bank and the rapes, which had been perpetrated by Robert VanCaneghan, a former member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange.


I knew Margot Riley from the American Stock Exchange.  She married Steve Peter, a karate instructor and Amex member who told me that he was offered money by Edwin Crooks, a member of the Amex Board, to murder me.  She then became Margot Peter. 


Margot Peter had been a clerk for the specialist firm of Miceli-VanCaneghan and she knew of the rapes.  On one occasion she approached me and said that Bobby (VanCaneghan) was losing money and I should leave him alone.  Of course VanCaneghan had been tied in with the Italian Mafia in the stock fraud, PNF, which he hoped would lead to an inflow of cash.  VanCaneghan was also laundering drug money from the Cayman Islands- and Margot was trusted with the financial records of Miceli-VanCaneghan.


When the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street,” was published Margot Riley boasted to one of my sources:  “Nothing will come of this article.   Eddie (Manfredonia) has had his fifteen minutes of fame.”  Of course this statement did not endear me to Margot Peter.  And her husband Steve Peter was a psychotic karate instructor, who liked to hurt people.


In an article, “NASD Skirted Around the Issue,” which was published in The Black Star News on 19 October 2009, I detailed the price fixing in options of Chase Manhattan Bank by Penelope Collins.  This price fixing occurred in June 1999.


Margot Peter, then Margot Riley, was a market maker in the options of Chase Manhattan Bank.  And Margot Peter was involved in the price fixing of these options.


Margot Peter was worried that this price fixing might be published in BusinessWeek, but for some reason Gary Weiss, the author of “Scandal On Wall Street,” was not interested in this price fixing. 


That was in the past one might argue.  Unfortunately it is very relevant today.


This is what Margot Peter wrote:


I have been fortunate enough to have been in the lowest tax bracket and the highest tax bracket. And let me tell you, life is much easier in the highest tax bracket. People who work for lower wages, in general, have the hardest, most soul crushing jobs. Those of us who are lucky enough to make more money, in general, have easier, more rewarding careers. Many of us have lived the American dream and worked our way out of poverty into wealth. It is time for us to now do our duty. My experience at both ends of the spectrum lead to me believe that yes it is fair and patriotic for the wealthiest of us to pay a higher tax rate.


Yes, Margot Peter it is easier when one has money.  But please write and tell everyone what you did to get that money:  Price fixing in options; not advising your friends to go to the police when your friends were raped by Robert VanCaneghan; your denigrating Edward Manfredonia for being opposed to price fixing in option and Robert VanCaneghan laundering drug money.  You did not advise your friend to report the rapes by VanCaneghan. You encouraged your psycho husband Steve Peter to seek revenge upon me.


And this is where it gets dicey.  Steve Peter, Margot’s husband, is abnormal.  One only has to look at pictures of Steve Peter in a karate dojo.  The intense psychotic stare- as if he were Sonny Liston staring down someone. 


Steve Peter is whacked.  He hated me for making fun of his god- his karate instructor Sensei Kishi, also known as Kishi the Drunk.  So what did Steve Peter do?  He flew out to New Mexico to seek permission to “cripple me.”


Steve Peter, who at one time had deep drug and alcohol issues, was dissuaded by the reality of violence because violence usually does not work out as one plans.


No I am not afraid of Steve Peter.  I never was.  I remember when “Big Mike” broke Steve Peter’s clavicle with one punch.


And I cost Steve Peter’s mother $700,000 when the Tokyo Stock Exchange refused to purchase the Amex for $1 billion.  The Amex had to be sold to the New York Stock Exchange for $280 million; no other stock exchange was interested because of my letters and the article, “Scandal On Wall Street.”  Steve Peter’s mother owned one seat.  A seat would have brought approximately $1 million if the Amex had been purchased by either the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  It only brought approximately $300,000 when the Amex was purchase by the NYSE.


Steve Peter’s career at the American Stock Exchange was not that successful.  He was eventually terminated by Susquehanna Group and then traded on his own.  Eventually in 2009 Steve Peter’s illegal trading was noticed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and he was banned for three months and fined $30,000.  Steve Peter’s firm Fat Squirrel Trading was required to disgorge $45,000 in illegal profits.


Margot Peter is currently a “goody two-shoes.”  Margot Peter is a trustee of the Milbrook Public Library and a supporter of President Obama.


But when her financial issues were at stake, she chose to cheat.


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