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October 26, 2012







                                            Edward Manfredonia     

                                         8337 St. James Avenue  

                                                       Apt. 4B                

                                      Elmhurst, New York 11373

                                                   6 June 1994            



Mr. Joseph Yastremski


Federal Bureau of Investigation



Dear Joe:





Re:  Money Laundering


On Friday, 3 June 1994, I was walking with an AMEX member along West Broadway, when we met Ken Silverman.  (The name of this member must be kept confidential.)  Ken Silverman is a former AMEX member, whom I believe cleared through KOT (Spear Leeds and Kellogg).  My friend knows Silverman through the AMEX.


Silverman informed me that two years ago, he was approached by an AMEX member (not Gottfried, Pierson, Miceli, VanCaneghan, or anyone publicly connected with PNF).  Silverman stated to this AMEX member that he was looking for investments for some individuals.  (Silverman knows nothing about finance, accounting, etc.)  This member, whom Silverman refused to name, recommended PNF as an investment opportunity.  Silverman went to the headquarters of PNF.  There Silverman met Sam Gottfried, Al Avasso, and Otis Hastings.  (Silverman informed me that Otis Hastings had a broken arm.  Silverman intimated that Hastings’ arm was broken by Avasso.)  Silverman stated that he viewed the patents and was given a demonstration of PNF’s magic fire retardant.  Silverman also stated that he knew the history of Greyhound Electronics.  Silverman stated that he knew that Miceli and VanCaneghan were involved in the stock scam.  (I do not know when Silverman learned of the invovlement of Miceli and VanCaneghan.)  Silverman stated that he declined to invest in PNF because Avasso appeared to be a member of the Mafia.


Silverman is moving “hot” money.  Silverman had informed me in 1987 that he owned a small lot in Jamaica.  This time Silverman stated that he was involved in the importation of motorcycles and motorcycle parts into Jamaica.  Silverman also stated that he was






renting motorcycles in Negril to tourists.  This statement seems false.  My companion asked Silverman for a business card.  Silverman stated that he did not have one with him.  My companion then requested the name of his business, so that when my friend visited Negril he could “look him up.”  Silverman declined to provide my friend with the name of his business.  Silverman

informed him to “just ask for the white guy with the motorcycles.”  Obviously, Silverman was dissembling.  My friend believes that Silverman is acting to invest money with individuals who are smuggling marijuana and, perhaps, cocaine from Jamaica.


On Saturday, 4 June 1994, I met another friend in the city.  This individual informed me that Silverman had told him that he (Silverman) was seekning investment opportunities for  “hot” money.  Silverman hinted that he was seeking to invest this money for individuals who were involved in the drug trade.  This friend believes that the drug involved is marijuana-a drug of which Silverman partakes.


It appears that this money which Silverman seeks to invest was at one time transferred into Silverman’s trading account.  I remember that in 1989 Silverman had financial problems and was searching for some financial backers. I also remember that Silverman’s financial prospects were not strong-he entered into some type of agreement with a real asshole, Richard Kaplan, and then this arrangement dissolved.


Ever since I have known Silverman, he has intimated that he knew Jamaicans in the marijuana trade.  I always believed that Silverman is a despicable person. 



I hope that I have been helpful.


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