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November 4, 2012



Gary Weiss is a liar, thief and perjurer.  Weiss married Anjali Sharma, a native of India, who forged documents, which enabled her to become a reporter at the United Nations.  So with this background, Weiss has of course become an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.


Gary Weiss is a thief because he submitted fictitious restaurant receipts, which he claimed were for taking sources to lunch, to BusinessWeek.  Actually these receipts, which he charged to his BusinessWeek charge card, were for wining and dining women.  After I notified Vartan Gregorian of Weiss’ defalcations, BusinessWeek changed its policy and employees could only take clients and sources in the restaurants, which were located in the McGraw-Hill building.


Gary Weiss is a liar because he stated in an article, “Offering Credence to the Crank,” which was printed in the IRE Journal, that I was not his source of information about option price fixing and illegal trading by specialists.  Unfortunately for Weiss, Kenneth Vittor, General Counsel of McGraw-Hill, personally vetted my information- and tape recordings of conversations with sources.  So, Weiss was terminated by his mentor, Stephen Shepard, editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.  Shepard had too much of Weiss’ lies and thefts.


Gary Weiss even lied about his father’s military exploits.  Weiss’ father was a civilian employee at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  But Weiss has said that his father served in the Navy during WWII.  This is similar to Howard Sirota’s boasts that he is a tough guy and not some bitch in a tutu, dancing for the Russian Mob. 


Gary Weiss is a perjurer because he was terminated from BusinessWeek in June 2004, but swore that he had been terminated on 31 July 2004.  Weiss lied under oath- and Judge Michael D. Stallman, an Orthodox Jew, permitted this perjury because Gary Weiss is Jewish and I am a Catholic.  Thus, Mickey D believes that I am not quite a human being because I am not Jewish.  Judge Mickey D (as in Mickey Mouse) countenanced perjury.  Nor does Gary Weiss believe that those, who are not Jews, are human beings because he committed perjury- and has boasted of this.


But Gary Weiss has lied about the Italian Mafia- including murder, stock fraud, and other crimes. 


Gary Weiss lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Weiss stated that Chalem and Lehmann were murdered by the Italian Mafia, but Weiss knew that Chalem and Lehmann had been murdered by the Russian Mafia, specifically Russian Jews who had been involved in stock frauds with Al Chalem.  Weiss even knew the name of the Russian Mob figure, who had ordered the murders- Mikhail.  Furthermore, Weiss had refused to interview Michael Frayler, who had maintained the trading records of Al Chalem.


For these crimes, Stephen Shepard, Dean of the CUNT Graduate School of Journalism, removed Gary Weiss from his position as an investigative reporter.  But Shepard still covers up for the lies of Weiss.


In subsequent postings I will explicate upon the crimes of Gary Weiss.


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