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December 22, 2012


I am hated by the WBAI Local Station Board because I went to the FBI about a series of rapes at the American Stock Exchange. I am opposed to the rape of women, just as I am opposed to the rape of 10 year old boys by 65 year old perverts.

I apologize for the length of this e-mail, but this is e-mail will expose the corruption of the WBAI Local Station Board- and not just the refusal to report the theft of money. I will briefly mention the racism of Carolyn Birden, who has mocked individuals who speak Spanish. Birden has mentioned that speaking Spanish should not be mentioned as a qualification to be a member of the WBAI Local Station Board.

Here is the quote: Run only if you have some expertise (no, speaking Spanish is not “expertise”),

Victoria Soto spoke Spanish. She died protecting her students. People like Carolyn Birden would be giving their Spanish students over to Adam Lanza. Here taken him; he’s six years old. Have fun with him; just as she deems that 10 year old boys can be raped by Pedophiles.

But Birden is a child of her time. Birden studied French and dreamed of living in Paris and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Ah, Birden sighs: The good old days of her youth when white people ruled the world. Yes, but Adolph Hitler was white- but he was the exception.

Carolyn Birden is a racist and should be removed from the WBAI Local Station Board. Her comment about speaking Spanish is directed against minorities.

This e-mail is about the support of Pedophilia by members of the WBAI Local Station Board and how much the individuals on the WBAI Local Station Board would rather cover up crime on Wall Street than expose a Wall Street millionaire, who is a serial rapist and money launderer, because Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin and Alex Steinberg dislike me for being opposed to Pedophilia. This unholy triumvirate would also rather cover up money laundering, narcotics smuggling (aboard private boats- those large enough to go to the Bahamas from Florida), Mafia involvement in stock fraud, price fixing in options and exchange traded funds, etc. and the cooperation of the New York media in covering up these crimes because the media typhoons are friends of the Wall Street typhoons. By the way, how many of you have personally challenged some Wall Street billionaires? None I bet- especially because, according to Birden’s boasts, billionaires of Wall Street, who have destroyed the world economy, are the personal friends of Steve Brown and, I believe, Birden’s husband. Or as Vespasian said: Pecunia non olet.

Does Birden remember the Vespasienne in Paris? That is the origin. But Birden despised Latin because it was at the time the language of the Catholic Church. Birden is a bigot.

Now I must introduce myself. I am a former Wall Street trader, who went to the FBI because of a series of rapes, money laundering and narcotics smuggling at the American Stock Exchange. Yes, I know that you hate the FBI- but not as much as I do.

I was responsible for the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, Scandal On Wall Street, which exposed violations of federal law at the American Stock Exchange. I was wired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My information led to an investigation of narcotics smuggling, money laundering, Mafia stock fraud, a series of rapes, price fixing in options, etc. by members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange.

The FBI and the Department of Justice had sufficient information for an indictment, but dropped the investigation due to political pressure from Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, and other Wall Street millionaires. Carolyn Birden, who states that her husband is a millionaire, wishes to cover up the aforementioned crimes because it would prove that some of her husband’s millionaire friends are criminals.

I want to expose the corruption of Wall Street and the government. If you believe that this has been done to the extent that I can, you do not know anything about Wall Street. No one has ever tied the government to a cover up of serial rape, the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann, and the theft of $10 billion by Ferdinand Marcos from the Philippines.

Incidentally, Sydney Schanberg, who won a Pulitzer Prize, believes that my information is critical and should be public knowledge.

Of course, you could read the criticism authored by that sociopath, R Paul Martin, who called me delusional and said that Schanberg was a straw man. But then again, Martin is such a financial expert that he has stated that depreciation is a cash expense and not a balance sheet adjustment and could never understand my articles about stock manipulation and price fixing in exchange traded funds.

Or you could read about the antics of Carolyn Birden, who said that my information linking Todd Christie, the brother of Chris Christie, to the manipulation of the price of AIG stock is unimportant. Todd is worth in excess of $300 million and personally called me to threaten me. Todd was a partner in Goldman Sachs. But then again her husband’s friends are partners in Goldman Sachs and Birden is worried about her husband being snubbed at a private club.

In a recent e-mail Carolyn Birden, member of the WBAI Local Station Board and delegate to the Pacifica National Board, has listed her personal requirements for individuals to become members of the various Local Station Boards and the Pacifica National Board. But Carolyn Birden has left out the one requirement, which she demands of all members of WBAI- not just members of the WBAI Local Station Board. What is that requirement you might inquire?

Carolyn Birden demands that all members of the WBAI support Pedophilia, that is the rape of 10 year old boys by 65 year old perverts. If you do not support Pedophilia, Birden will label you a “Homophobe.” This is what happened to me. So I suggest that you read the full text of this e-mail.

R Paul Martin is a Pedophile. That does not mean that Martin has molested a child. I do not know if he has. A Pedophile is someone, who views young children as a sexual object or a sexual fantasy. R Paul Martin is a Pedophile because he views 10 year old boys as sexual objects. Martin suffers from psychopathy- but that will be discussed at the end of this e-mail. But there is one point that I must make.

R Paul Martin exhibits numerous traits of a psychopath: exaggerated view of his self-importance; pathological lying; glibness; lack of remorse for his crimes; etc. You can look up these traits in the Wikipedia entry about psychopathy.

R Paul Martin has boasted of his enjoyable sexual awakening: As a 10 year old boy, Martin was raped by an older youth. Martin could not bear to face this degradation and thus he internalized his hatred of the event. Like most psychopaths, Martin was abused by a drunk and violent father. His mother was also abused by her husband, who was most likely Martin’s father. Martin was most probably sexually abused by his father- a fact that he does not want to reveal. So Martin, a true coward and all psychopaths are cowards, chooses weaker victims and what more vulnerable victims are there than children. Martin also strikes out verbally against others in order to display his false sense of superiority. He accomplishes this by pathological lying. When Martin’s mental illness is put on public display, his allies such as Carolyn Birden vote to restrict the individual, who has exposed Martin’s weakness, namely that he is a psychopath who has covered up the degradation of his childhood rape, from posting on the WBAI Internet Board.

So, Martin is in an eternal struggle to prove that he is not a weak boy anymore. He views his superiority over others by memorizing what others do not- Robert’s Rules of Orders so that he can display his intellectual superiority over those who are quite a bit more intelligent than he is.

I have copies below several facets of psychopathy. As you will see, R Paul Martin displays numerous facets of psychopathy. So my opinion has been verified.

Factor 1
Facet 1 Interpersonal
• Glibness/superficial charm
• Grandiose sense of self-worth
• Pathological lying
• Cunning/manipulative
Facet 2 Affective
• Lack of remorse or guilt
• Emotionally shallow
• Callous/lack of empathy
• Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Incidentally, members of the WBAI Local Station Board have cited security concerns as their reason for not having meetings. I was threatened by Alex Steinberg, a phony Trotskyite, at the September meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board. Therefore, I have suggested that the New York City Police Department monitor the meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board and all committees.

The New York City Police Department will provide security for all individuals- including Pedophiles and their supporters.

Carolyn Birden and R Paul Martin wish to push the envelope. That is permissible. But let us have the NYPD monitor the meetings. Steinberg, Martin and Birden will not display their anti-social behavior.


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