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February 13, 2013



In the October 5-11, 2009 issue of Crain’s New York there was an article, “Crazy like a fox,” by Aaron Elstein.  This article attempted to rehabilitate a convicted stock fraud artist, Sam E. Antar, one of the masterminds of the “Crazy Eddie” stock fraud.  The Crazy Eddie stock fraud was perhaps the most well known stock fraud of the 1980s.   


In the same issue Alair Townsend scribbled a puff piece, “Filling big shoes in a very big city.”


What is the connection between the two articles the reader might inquire?  The refusal of Townsend to expose criminal activity- and to cover up crime. 


So who is Alair Townsend?


Alair Townsend is currently the head of TIAA/CREF, a huge pension fund.  But during the time period in which I am interested Townsend was Publisher of Crain’s New York Business. 


But I am not concerned about Townsend’s actions at Crain’s.  I am concerned with her activities as a member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange- during the time period when I was exposing the rape and sexual assault of female employees of Miceli-VanCaneghan by a partner in Miceli-VanCaneghan; the laundering of drug money by Louis Miceli, former Senior Floor Governor of the American Stock Exchange, and Robert VanCaneghan, a member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange via their American Stock Exchange specialist firm; and the smuggling of cocaine by Louis Miceli. 


Now those are interesting topics- to all Americans.  Yet, Alair Townsend never wrote about these heinous crimes in Crain’s- even though I had written to her in her capacity as a member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange about criminal activity at the Amex; and, we shall discuss why those crimes were never made public at the end of this piece.  For confirmation of my veracity I enclosed a copy of a Department of Justice document, which proved that I had been wired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


But more importantly I am interested in why Townsend, a woman, was not upset that a confessed serial rapist had been permitted to remain as a member of the Board the American Stock Exchange during her tenure as a member of the Board.  Perhaps Townsend even sat next to the debonair rapist, who worked out with weights on a regular basis.


Perhaps the tiger’s stripes had changed or perhaps there was no open discussion about sex.  Thus, perhaps Robert VanCaneghan never spoke about his fascination and admiration for Caryl Chessman, who was sentenced to die in the gas chamber for raping women.  Perhaps VanCaneghan never spoke of his fetish of spanking another Amex member who possessed callipygian buttocks.  Or even more striking perhaps VanCaneghan never spoke of his fascination with the sexual sadism of Miceli. 


Sexual sadism, you might query.  Yes.  Miceli spoke of setting dogs on fire and even castrating dogs in his youth- and VanCaneghan witnessed these adventures in cruelty.  Miceli and VanCaneghan sometimes relived their halcyon days of youth- only these halcyon days were filled with animal cruelty and sadism.


But the reader might query:  How was Townsend to know about the rapes?  Simple.  On February 26, 1966 I wrote a letter, certified mail P 228 322 699, to Townsend about the rapes.  I named the rapist.  I even named members of the Amex Board, who knew about the rapes.  But let us remember that the rapist had admitted the rapes to members of the Amex Board. 


How did I know about the rapes, the reader might query?  Simple the victims told me.  And there was a witness to one sexual assault, which occurred on the mezzanine of the Amex.


But the reader might ask, how did you know that the members of the Amex Board had been informed of the rapes?  On 13 September 1993 Jeff Green, an Amex member, told me that the members of the Board, specifically Joel Lovett, Vice Chairman of the Amex, knew of the rapes.  And that same day I informed Assistant United States Attorney Frances Fragos that the members of the Amex Board were covering for a rapist.


In February 1995 Denis Goin, a member of the Amex Board, told me so- and encouraged me to expose the rapes.



In 1994 Jonathan Frey, a partner of Joel Lovett, told me that Joel Lovett was having doubts about protecting a confessed rapist.


How else do I know?  The reader must understand that some members of the Amex Board boasted to me that my attempts to expose a confessed sex pervert were useless.  These members told me that Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan District Attorney, would never do anything- that he would protect the VanCaneghan.  After all the FBI proved that VanCaneghan had laundered drug money and nothing was done to him.


Thus, Joseph Palmeri, Edwin Crooks, Anthony Boglioli, and other members of the Amex Board boasted that Morgenthau would protect the Amex and cover up the rapes.  Crooks and Palmeri even boasted to me about Tom Wornom’s call to the Amex- in which Wornom reported that I had said that no penetration had occurred- which was a lie.  And who was Tom Wornom?  Wornom was a senior prosecutor for Morgenthau.  Wornom picked me up in March 1995 when I asked Joel Lovett to provide information to the FBI about the rapes, money laundering and narcotics smuggling.


But isn’t part of Morgenthau’s sworn duty to prosecute rapists- especially rapists, who boast of their crimes.  Well, yes.  But there is an exception.  And that exception is when a member of the Harmonie Club requests an exemption from prosecution.


Regardless it was not only rape that Townsend willingly covered up.


But the reader might say:  How did Townsend know that I was telling the truth about the rapes?


Well in the two letters I wrote to Townsend I mentioned several other crimes, which had been perpetrated at the Amex and which were being covered up by the Amex.


My first letter, dated February 26, 1996.certifed mail P 228 322 699, exposed the massive illegal trading of Pat Schettino, a partner in Spear Leeds and Kellogg.  I also wrote that Joel Lovett, Vice Chairman of the Amex, and Richard Syron, Chairman of the Amex and later Chairman of Freddie Mac.  According to Schettino and other sources this lawsuit was initiated in an attempt to prevent me from exposing criminal activity at the Amex- especially Schettino’s illegal trading.  In this letter I also discussed the theft of $3 million dollars by Brian McCahery.  These crimes were easily proved.


My second letter to Townsend was dated November 8, 1996 and was sent via certified mail P 601 576 782 to Townsend at Crain’s.  In this letter I explicated the Mafia stock fraud, PNF, and the involvement of Steven Lister in the stock fraud.  At the time of the stock fraud in 1992 Lister was Senior Vice President of Compliance at the Amex.  In 1996 Lister was promoted to Executive Vice President of Compliance at the Amex. 


As you can readily determine Lister was promoted for taking bribes from the Italian Mafia in the person of Al Avasso.  At this time I spoke to Joe Palmeri, a member of the Amex Board.  Palmeri boasted to me:  “So what if Lister took money from Avasso.  You have to prove it in court.”  Thus, the corruption of Palmeri is evident for all to see.


I also recounted the theft of approximately $500,000 from the Amex by Charles Diecidue, Vice President of Purchasing and Director of Security at the Amex.  This crime was known to Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the Amex and at that time Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Levitt told James Jones, his successor as Chairman of the Amex, about the thefts- and Jones fired Diecidue.  Levitt in his position as Chairman of the SEC then proceeded to cover up the theft of $500,000 by Diecidue because the money had been purloined during Levitt’s tenure as Chairman of the Amex.


My knowledge of these crimes, some of which were known to Townsend and others which could be easily verified, immediately proved my veracity.


But why would Townsend not perform her fiduciary responsibility as a member of the Board of the Amex?


Townsend knew that she would never advance if she were to expose these crimes.  Rather she might find herself unemployed as happened to me because I was morally opposed to rape, narcotics smuggling, money laundering, murder, etc. and publicly stated so.  


Furthermore Bevis Longstreth, a senior partner in Debevoise and Plimpton, had assured Townsend that the nondisclosure agreement, which she had signed when she became a member of the Board of the Amex, prevented her from disclosing these crimes.


Of course Townsend knew that this was a lie.  It is black letter law that a nondisclosure agreement does not prevent the disclosure of criminal violations of law- especially relating to the theft of money and payoffs by the Italian Mafia to an Amex attorney, Steven Lister.


Most importantly when a member of the Board of a company is informed about a series of rapes by a member of the Board, the law states that she must report those rapes- otherwise she is a co-conspirator in the cover up.


But Townsend has not suffered for covering up these crimes.


Townsend succeeded Herbert Allison, another former member of the Amex Board who also covered up heinous crimes at the Amex, as President of TIAA/CREF.  Allison was the subject of an article, God Protect America’s Economy From Herbert Allison, which appeared in The Black Star News.


So covering up rape has paid handsome dividends to Townsend.


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