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March 7, 2013

Edward Manfredonia
8337 St. James Avenue
Apt. 4B
Elmhurst. New York 11373
27 August 1992

Mr. Raymond Kelly
First Deputy Police Commissioner
One Police Plaza
New York, New York 10038

Dear Commissioner Kelly:

In December 1991 three individuals from the American Stock Exchange, Louis Miceli (former Senior Floor Governor), Robert VanCaneghan (presently a Floor Governor), and Joel Lovett (current Senior Floor Governor and Vice Chairman of the American Stock Exchange) visited One Police Plaza, specifically the Special Fraud Squad. These three individuals made certain misrepresentations to Detective Montellini and Lieutenant Molloy. These misrepresentations were that I had threatened the lives of Miceli, VanCaneghan, and Lovett. These three individuals also stated that I had mailed threats and scatological letters to them. No proof was ever shown. There was never any evidence of my personal handwriting, rather some satirical plays and menus were presented. There was never any direct link between myself and the materials presented. They were actually obtained from an individual who gave them to his brother who presented them to Joel Lovett, who showed them to Miceli.

I explained to the police that I did send a Christmas card to VanCaneghan but that was the extent of my contact with these individuals. I had refused to speak with VanCaneghan and Lovett even when they requested individuals to mediate the affair (I was evicted from the premises of the American Stock Exchange in January 1991 for asking the AMEX to investigate Miceli’s alleged possession of an unregistered pistol. I was informed of this incident by the security guard who discovered the gun. See enclosure.)

Miceli, VanCaneghan, and Lovett made several other outrageous claims. The following lies were stated:
I had threatened the life of Paul Volker.
I had refused to pass through a metal detector.
I had threatened the lives of Miceli, VanCaneghan and Lovett.
I had spoken to Miceli’s son and had stated my intention of killing his father.

All of the above were lies. In November 1991, I had rejected an offer of employment from Jonathan Frey, the partner of Joel Lovett. Jonathan Frey informed me that Joel knew of the job offer. I had also refused to speak to Joel Lovett when he spoke to an individual whom I know. (This individual will refuse to testify to this statement, but that is life.)

No complaint was signed. Miceli made a statement, but it was not signed. Miceli, VanCaneghan and Lovett told Molloy and Montellini to frighten me. Montellini and Molloy then visited the offices of several friends, and said that they were searching for me. When I spoke to these two hired guns, they lied to me. I was informed by Detective Dwyer that the police are not required to tell me the truth. These two cops would not even tell me if there existed either a warrant or a signed complaint. These two odious cops, who should have been members of Hitler’s SS, told me not to enter New York City. These two dirtbags informed me that I could not speak to anyone at the American Stock Exchange. Private guns. Hired thugs. Hiding behind a policeman’s badge. Cowards. When I informed Montellini that he was protecting one serial rapist and one drug abuser, he retorted: “Bring in the girls.” A real wise guy. Too many cops hide behind their badges. I wish you to understand that the three stooges (Miceli, VanCaneghan and Lovett) were advised to make false statements to the police by an attorney. It is my understanding that this advice was given by an attorney employed by the American Stock Exchange.

I informed Montellini that he was hindering an SEC investigation. I gave Montellini the name of my contact at the SEC. Montellini told me I could be arrested on the basis of the complaint. Only the complaint was not signed. Montellini and Molloy investigated a non-existent complaint. Miceli cannot sign a complaint. I know too much about his personal vices-especially, his two rhinoplasties to repair perforated septal tissue. And that ain’t from inhaling confectioner’s sugar in a bakery.

Now for the bad news. I have written to the SEC and Representative Dingell about several violations of the securities law. Miceli, VanCaneghan, and Lovett through much pressure and the use of crooked cops coerced me into dropping my charges. Independently of my assertions, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal reported incidents of fraud and insider trading at the American Stock Exchange. Oh yes, I had reported these incidents to the Amex and the SEC before they became public. For your perusal I have enclosed copies of the articles and copies of my leaflets distributed to the SEC.

VanCaneghan and Miceli are involved. These two law-abiding citizens forgot to inform the Secret Service when a member of the Amex was apprehended passing counterfeit money. Miceli and

VanCaneghan have their own bookie on the premises. But they forgot to inform Montellini and Molloy of those violations of the law. These violations of the law occurred contemporaneously with their declarations of my alleged death threats.

I know that the Special Fraud Squad does not investigate harassment charges. The duty of the Special Fraud Squad is to investigate fraud. The Special Fraud Squad decided to do a favor. Yes, I am aware that they are policemen but they should be investigating rapes rather than some minor scheme.

Two other items. Miceli gave a one thousand dollar contribution to the PBA. (Would you believe that Miceli actually displayed the check stub to individuals.) Mention was also made of employment at the Amex for retired cops.

Presently there is great fear that Congress will investigate the American Stock Exchange (The SEC is a joke.). As a note the chief of security at the AMEX when this charade occurred was a retired detective. Yes, this illustrious detective was forced to resign. Something about alleged financial misconduct. He was a true friend of Miceli. If I commit a crime, which I have not, I can be arrested. I do not wish to have some cops plant drugs, weapons, etc. upon my person. Oh yes, Miceli is already planting in the minds of certain individuals the abstract concept that life would be easier if I were dead. Word has already reached me concerning my rather unprepossessing face becoming even more unattractive through plastic surgery with a blowtorch. I am not joking. Tell your cops to stay clean. They did their share of dirty work already. I do not know who will attempt to kill me, but it could easily be a cop. I am not joking.


Edward Manfredonia

P.S. I realize that this affair has been investigated by internal affairs. I will never forget the wise guy attitude of Montellini. The cowardice of Miceli exceeds Montellini’s. Your cops lied. Your cops took the sides of racists, rapists and drug abusers. Front-men for the Mafia. Your men helped scum such as this. I was born an Italian. I personally hate every instance of stupidity and dishonesty among Italians.
Soon I shall be disseminating information in front of the Amex. No law shall be violated, so please explain to your policemen that they cannot arrest me.
I expect a reply from you. I hope that you will keep this missive confidential. I am bitter because two cops were willing to ruin my life by arresting me. I hope that does not occur for the sake of all those involved.


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