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March 10, 2013


Many WBAI listeners have no knowledge of the true nature of WBAI. One group is led by Bernard White and Mimi Rosenberg. Another group is led by Steve Brown, whose former life as a porn star and producer including the criminals whom he has encountered in the porn industry, have inured him to the victims of rape and child molestation. This is evidenced in his support of Carolyn Birden, who believes that women, who work, should get down on their knees for their white employers and open their zippers and you know what follows; and R Paul Martin, an advocate of Pedophilia who views 10 year old boys as sex objects.

Steve Brown is the money man behind the latest regime to run WBAI as if they owned the radio station. (If you doubt this you only have to read Martin’s insulting screeds against individuals who are opposed to Pedophilia and Birden’s rants in favor of Pedophilia, the sexual subjugation of women- women should be on their knees- and her rant against Michael Musto, columnist for the Village Voice.) WBAI is run for the ideological benefit of the current WBAI Local Station Board- and the hell with the listeners. That is the reason why WBAI has lost its listeners.

Steve Brown permits his acolytes to attack anybody with whom they disagree.

Steve Brown supported Ron Paul for President. Why? Because Ron Paul wanted to abolish the capital gains tax.

Alex Steinberg, some phony Trotskyite, has even approved of Steve Brown’s support for Ron Paul. Why? Not because Ron Paul supports the end of “American adventurism,” but because Steve Brown is Steinberg’s bread and butter. Without Steve Brown Alex Steinberg would be nothing- actually Steinberg is nothing, but it is nothings who rule WBAI. The WBAI Local Station Board is composed of Steve Brown’s sycophants.

These are the assholes, who run WBAI as if they owned it. Crony Capitalism at its worst.


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