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March 12, 2013

My reply to some constructive criticism.  But I believe that WBAI is a calculated bankruptcy- just like playing blackjack, one considers the odds of success


As always I value your opinion, but I am not attempting to be provocative.  I am merely expressing the truth; I would feel much safer if the New York City Police Department were to provide security at all meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board, all WBAI committees, and all WBAI advisory groups.

Approximately two months ago Mitchel Cohen sent me an e-mail in which he stated that there would be security at WBAI committee meetings.  I replied that the New York City Police Department should provide security.

Manijeh Saba, a friend of Carolyn Birden, also sent an e-mail that the Ad Hoc General Manager Evaluation Committee was not holding meetings because of security concerns.  I e-mailed Manijeh that the NYPD could provide security.  But Manijeh’s e-mail was nonsense.  I had attended two or three of those meetings and there was never a problem.  But Carolyn Birden attended those meetings and made some nonsensical suggestions.  If you remember at one meeting I had raised the issue that Berthold Reimers had hired Andrea Katz without following the procedures required because WBAI, actually Pacifica, is an IRC 501 (c) (3) corporation.  Manijeh Saba and Carolyn Birden said that the hire of Andrea Katz was not a proper topic of discussion.  But it was.  If Berthold violated the law because Stephen M Brown wanted Andrea to be hired and, this is definitely what occurred, then this should be a matter of consideration.

R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee and a friend of Carolyn Birden, has not held a meeting in 7 months.  At first Martin provided some nonsense about mold; but the WBAI staff was at work in the office.  Then R Paul Martin, who is a classic Psychopath, stated in an e-mail to David that there were security reasons for not meeting.  What security reasons?  Martin is a Pathological Liar, which is a trait of a Psychopath.  Let the NYPD provide security.  I have been told that Steve Brown wanted R Paul Martin to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee and looked favorably upon Martin’s success in preventing an examination of the financial records at WBAI.

Let us not forget that when Carolyn Birden called me a liar and I rebutted her lie, Alex Steinberg rose to her defense and challenged me.  Birden is a liar and has conspired to cover up the theft of money from WBAI- as has R Paul Martin.  Both Birden and Martin have used the term embezzlement and have not reported this crime or even sought to recover the funds in a civil case as is required by law. 

Then there is Jim Dingeman, Chair of the WBAI Community Advisory Board, who threatened to throw me out of the window of 120 Wall Street.  I merely told him that he couldn’t do it.  Then when he persisted that he could, I told him that he could try.  If you remember Dingeman approved of the hiring of Andrea Katz because of the influence of Steve Brown in these words:  There has always been nepotism at WBAI. 

It appears that I am the only individual, who realizes that Stephen M Brown is calling the shots at WBAI.  Manijeh Saba, Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin and Jim Dingeman are minions of Stephen M Brown, former Pornographer.  And it is Brown’s former employment in the porn industry- and the employment is more than being a performer- that has hardened him.  Everyone in the porn industry has to deal with the Mafia, Italian Mafia and Russian Mob.  Drugs flow freely-especially in the 1970s.

As a member of the WBAI Finance Committee I asked Martin about the rent for the transmitter.  Martin said that it was confidential.  Then it appeared in the financial statements.  Martin is a Pathological Liar.  Martin would not be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee if Steve Brown were not pulling the strings.

Please remember that Martin is so unqualified that he believed that depreciation of an asset is a cash account.  Such ignorance and stupidity is intolerable in a member of the WBAI Finance Committee.

As I have written in my blog, the financial predicament of WBAI is the result of a calculated bankruptcy.  This is no accident.

I have met many dirtbags on Wall Street, but these morons are far worse.  Less dangerous because of their limited capabilities, but they have bankrupted WBAI.

Thank you.

Edward Manfredonia


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