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April 13, 2013
ed manfredonia <edmanfredonia
Apr 10 (3 days ago)

to Mitchel, bcc: me, bcc: edmanfredonia

Below is a copy of a text, which I had included in an  e-mail to Robert Young.
I believe that the information requested is important.
I hope that you will bring this request before the WBAI Local Station Board.  Also, I would like the name of the accounting firm and the name of the individual, who is auditing the financial statements of Pacifica.  Also, the address and phone number of the auditing firm.
Ed Manfredonia
Here is the transcript of my e-mail to Robert Steven  Young:

Dear Bob (Robert Steven Young) Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board:


I would like several items to be discussed at the next meeting, 10 April 2013, of the WBAI Local Station Board.  These matters deal with violations of federal law at WBAI and Pacifica.


As a member of the WBAI Finance Committee I have requested, from both the WBAI Finance Committee Chair, R Paul Martn, and from the WBAI Local Station Board at its meetings, information pertaining to the lawsuits against WBAI and Pacifica by individuals.  These lawsuits are public information; they are not privileged.  Briefly stated, I would like the names of the parties, who are suing either Pacifica Foundation or WBAI; the venue of the lawsuit, whether it is federal or state (and the name of the state); if a federal lawsuit, the district court in which the lawsuit was initiated or the federal circuit court if the lawsuit has been appealed; the date the lawsuit was initiated; the case number of the lawsuit (index number in New York State); if it is an administrative hearing, either federal or state, the name of the agency, which is litigating the lawsuit, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the hearing number; etc.


I had requested this information at the last meeting, 3 April 2013, of the WBAI Finance Committee.  As I was detailing my request for information one member of the WBAI Finance Committee, Noel Jameson, suggested “get your credit card and go to PACER and look up the information.”  I replied that I was not going to go to 500 Pearl Street and look up cases.  And I am not going to use my funds to obtain public records, which Pacifica and WBAI are legally bound to provide.  Yes, records of these lawsuits must be provided. 


Jameson then suggested to R Paul Martin that some information be provided, but no the name of the litigants.  This was totally incorrect to state.  The name of the litigants and pertinent information must be provided.  That is the law.  If information is privileged it can be sealed with a court order.  Information in divorce cases is sealed as a matter of record.


Jameson knew that his statements were false.  Furthermore, Jameson has experience in finance, possessing at a minimum a Series 7.  So Jameson knows that certain information must be provided- even by a not for profit.  I do not know what Jameson is attempting to prove, but his comments were irrational.


Afterwards, Frank LeFever told me to google the information.  I told him not to be a wise guy.  LeFever is a jerk and frequently behaves like one.  He knows nothing of business requirements, etc.


A second request is the alleged $30,000 loan, which Steve Brown allegedly advanced for the hire of Andrea Katz.  This loan was not recorded on the books and, I believe, was not made.  If the loan were made, I would like to see a copy of the canceled check and the entry in the bookkeeping records.  As far as I have been told, there was no entry made in the bookkeeping records and the loan did not appear as a liability as is required by law. 


A copy of a check in the amount of $15,000 (if I am correct), which check was issued by Goldman Sachs gives was presented to the WBAI Finance Committee.  Thus, there exists precedence concerning the presentation of a check.  Also, it is a matter of Not For Profit law, or IRC 501 (c) (3) corporations, that any donations by a member of the Board of a Not For Profit and all business transactions, such as a loan between a Board member of a Not For Profit and the Not For Profit, must be disclosed.  A loan is a business transaction- something which appears to be beyond the ken of some members of the WBAI Finance Committee.  It does not matter that Pacifica Foundation is the IRC 501 (c) (3) corporation; Brown is a board member of WBAI and this loan and his donations must be stated and openly available.  (I had already distributed a copy of this memorandum in September 2011.)  A loan is a financial transaction and all loans must be recorded on the financial records and shown as a liability.  Now I would like the law to be obeyed.


The third point is that the meetings of the WBAI Community Advisory Board are not announced on the website- as is required.  Jim Dingeman, the Chair of the WBAI Community Advisory Board, does not respond to my e-mails requesting information concerning the dates of the meetings.  Dingeman and I are not friends; Dingeman famously threatened to throw me out of the window of the 10th floor of 120 Wall Street at the January meeting of the WBAI Community Advisory Board.


The fourth point is that the meetings of many various committees are not announced- and this is a direct effort to exclude me from attending these meetings.  Thus, Manijeh Saba declined to announce meetings of the Ad Hoc Evaluation Committee for the General Manager (or some other similar name) because Carolyn Birden, an ardent supporter of Pedophilia and the rape of economically disadvantaged women by millionaires on Wall Street, despises me.  Saba maintained that there were security problems.  At the meetings, which I attended I never noticed a security problem.  As usual I suggested that the New York City Police Department provide security.


Regarding the New York City Police Department, I must unequivocally state that I was menaced by Alex Steinberg, a phony Trotskyite, because I had referred to Carolyn Birden as a liar- after she termed me a liar.  Carolyn Birden is a Pathological Liar- something she learned from a study of Julius Streicher.  If you lie and smear an individual, eventually enough people will believe the lie.  Thus if security is needed, the New York City Police Department must provide security.


By law the meetings of all committees must be open and accessible to the public.  There is to be no requirement of identification- which is why every meeting of the WBAI Finance Committee is illegal.  Furthermore, R Paul Martin, the Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, is an accounting illiterate and financial ignoramus- and that is kind.  Noel Jameson may play nice with Martin, but he knows that Martin is an obstructionist and knows nothing of accounting or financial reporting requirements.  Martin’s famous statement, “Depreciation is a cash expense,” must be entered in the annals of finance as one of the dumbest statements ever made.


That is enough for now.  I apologize for announcing my discontent, but I have been excoriated and scapegoated because I am opposed to the Pedophilia of R Paul Martin, who is a Psychopath. 


Thank you.


Edward Manfredonia 


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