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July 5, 2013

Edward Manfredonia

                                                                   Financial Reporter

                                                                   8337 St. James Avenue

                                                                   Apt. 4B

                                                                   Elmhurst, NY 11373

                                                                   5 July 2013


The Honorable Loretta Lynch

United States Attorney

Eastern District of New York

271 Cadman Plaza East

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Dear United States Attorney Lynch:


R Paul Martin has filed a complaint with Google abuse because I sent him a nasty e-mail.  Martin is genuinely offended by my intolerant e-mail.  I plead guilty to being intolerant of Pedophiles.  R Paul Martin is a Preferential Pedophile; his preference is for 10 year old boys.  Martin resides in Brooklyn, therefore, even though Martin has not filed a complaint with the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, I have willingly reported Martin’s complaint to you.


I have reproduced the offending e-mail and Martin’s responding e-mail below.


I hope that I have not violated federal law by e-mailing a Pedophile that he is a Pedophile, Psychopath and Pathological Liar because all statements are true.  Unfortunately I have direct contact with R Paul Martin, Pedophile, because Martin is Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee and I am a member of the WBAI Finance Committee.  In my e-mail I also discuss numerous violations of federal law by R Paul Martin had his cohorts.





                                                                             Edward Manfredonia




ed manfredonia <>

Publish this if you wish
1 message

ed manfredonia <>

Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 5:23 PM

To: “R. Paul Martin” <>, ed manfredonia <>

R Paul Martin:


Carolyn Birden and you initiated a conflict with me.  Being opposed to Pedophilia, the rape of 10 year old boys by 65 year old perverts, is not Homophobia.


So, publish this if you wish.


Ed Manfredonia




R Paul Martin,


Let us get this straight.  I know that you are a Pedophile and a Psychopath.  Your desire for 10 year old boys is abominable.  That your allies in the Stephen M Brown Group, Carolyn Birden, Alex Steinberg, Janet Coleman and Stephen M Brown, support your abnormal sexual desires is proof that WBAI has lost its way.  There appears to be no moral opprobrium when 65 year old plucked chickens, replete with a turkey wattle, desire to have sexual relations with 10 year old boys. 


You are a Pathological Liar.  You fabricate facts; you quote imaginary ordinances; you lie with a dispassionate face.  This is a psychological requirement for being a Psychopath.


Let us look at your latest lie.  When I state that something is illegal, you respond with a lie that I want to boss people.  This is nonsense.  I want WBAI to abide by the law- especially IRC 501 (c) (3).  That is why I have requested full disclosure of Stephen M Brown’s alleged loan for the hire of Andrea Katz to WBAI.  That is also the reason why I have requested a list of Stephen M Brown’s donations to WBAI and Pacifica for the past 5 years.


Your constant violation of the Communications Act by convening meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee in the WBAI offices, from which Bernard White among others is banned, directly contravenes the Communications Act.  The requirement that identification must be shown for admittance to the building, where the meetings are held, also contravenes the Communications Act.


You lie like the Psychopath you are- a tautological identity for you.  At meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee in 2012 you told me that the rent for the tower at the Empire State Building was privileged- as was the rent for the space at 120 Wall Street.  Of course, this was a lie.  These items appear in the financial statements of Pacifica and in the budget.


Then you informed me at a meeting of the WBAI Finance Committee that information regarding Bernard White’s lawsuit against Pacifica Foundation and Stephen M Brown was privileged.  That statement was a lie and your dear friend, Carolyn Birden, a member of the WBAI Local Station Board, parroted this lie at a meeting of the WBAI Local Statin Board.  Of course I was able to view the Court filings once I knew the case number and venue; so the information was not privileged.


At meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee you proudly displayed your ignorance of the basic principles of accounting when you incessantly repeated that depreciation was a cash expense.  Depreciation is not a cash expense and this is learned in the first weeks of a basic accounting course. 

Your rote memorization of the minutiae of Robert’s Rules of Order is to obtain knowledge of a subject, which most people neglect. You have utilized your knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order to control the flow of the meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board.  Amazingly, you are Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee and have no knowledge of accounting.  Your lack of knowledge of accounting is a direct result of your acknowledgement that you could never master the subject and that other members of the WBAI Finance Committee possess more knowledge than you could attain by reading a book.


Of course Stephen M Brown engineered your selection as Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee to forestall any examination of his role in the financial crisis of WBAI.  Defendant Stephen M Brown refused to select any individual, who was more qualified.


Yes, I know that you are a Psychopath; but you are a Preferential Psychopath- just as you are a Preferential Pedophile.  You seek out the weak, such as 10 year old boys, or those, whom you can exclude at a meeting.  That is one reason that you prefer children; the other reason is your sexual identity- you are a pervert.  If you attempted to involve an adult in deviant sex with a 10 year old boy, you would be flushed down a toilet as you so richly deserve- unless the individual were as perverted as you and inclined to participate in your deviant desires. 


Of course your attempts to prove your superiority at WBAI Local Statin Board meetings is done with the assistance of the “Metaphorical Pimp” Defendant Stephen M Brown, a former actor, producer and distributor of pornography, and his acolyte, Carolyn Birden, who suffers from some psychosis- as is evident from her defense of the rape of women on Wall Street.  Examples of Birden’s brain being destroyed by prions were her constant referral to her husband in the present tense, when she has been divorced for many years; her statement that she doesn’t have to work because her husband has so much money; her disparagement of women, who are employed on Wall Street and who have been being sexually abused by the Lords of Wall Street; etc.  Birden is unique among English Professors: Birden has not read “Ulysses.”  The former aspiring Pan Am stewardess probably read “Proust in the original French.” 


Carolyn Birden is an English Professor and at times her ignorance of the English language surprises me.  Recently Birden posted that she had learned a new word, “monetize.”  This is a fairly common word and she would have discovered this word many years ago if she had read about finance rather than have studied French avant-garde surrealism.  Also, it is a uniquely American word.  The –ize suffix comes from a specific set of Greek verbs via the French use of these verbs.  So, Birden has displayed her ignorance not only of English, but of French.


As for Defendant Stephen M Brown I believe that his goal is to “bankrupt” WBAI.  Perhaps Stephen M Brown and his junk science guru, Gary Null, can purchase the radio license of WBAI at a steep discount.


Unfortunately, I will always regard you as a sex deviant and sex pervert, who as a Preferential Pedophile likes 10 year old boys.


So let us have the next meeting of the WBAI Finance Committee at either the Atrium at 60 Wall Street where Jim Dingeman has held numerous meetings of the WBAI Community Advisory Board or at the public space at 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.  Furthermore, these meetings must be open to all.  These locations are street level; so I believe that I am safe from Jim Dingeman’s threat to throw me out the window of the 10th floor offices of WBAI.


Do not worry about security.  As I have suggested previously, WBAI could always request that the New York City Police Department provide security.  The NYPD has been trained to be fair to everyone- even Pedophiles.


Edward Manfredonia


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