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July 12, 2013


While everyone rants and raves about the insolvency of WBAI, for the past two years the WBAI Local Station Board has refused to expose the fact that the Department of Justice knows the location of the whereabouts of the $10 billion dollars, which Ferdinand Marcos looted from the Philippines.

It appears that 80 million Asians do not count as human beings to the members of the WBAI LSB. The reason: Carolyn Birden and R Paul Martin, according to Jim Dingeman, enforcer for Defendant Stephen M Brown, have led a campaign against the collusion of the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission in covering up crime on Wall Street.

Recent revelations have cast doubt on the actions of “a progressive,” who is favored by the WBAI LSB. It appears that Muammar Gaddafi liked to rape teenage boys and girls.

It definitely appears that only rapists find favor at the WBAI Local Station Board.

Bob Lederer:
I applaud your efforts to save WBAI; but there are many basic problems, which you and Justice and Unity have overlooked. I am not tethered to any ideological straitjacket and do not belong to any group. I only seek to expose the corruption of Wall Street, which is protected by the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission.

The first problem, which I stated in a letter to Ross Wisdom, the former accountant, is that the financial plight of WBAI may be due to a planned insolvency of WBAI. (WBAI cannot go “bankrupt” because it is part of Pacifica Foundation.) It is my opinion that this planned insolvency is deliberate and willful.

Defendant Stephen M Brown, honored member of the WBAI Local Station Board, is not a magnanimous individual. Defendant Brown acts solely in his self-interest; Defendant Brown does not have the interest of WBAI in his actions. But what can you expect from a former pornography entrepreneur? Yet, no one has questioned the motive for Defendant Brown’s actions.

The second problem is that the members of the WBAI Local Station Board are disconnected from reality. I have heard calls for a marathon reading of Das Kapital, whether in the original German or in English translation, was not stated. While socialism, communism, Marxism, etc. may be the belief system of many active members of the WBAI Local Station Board, very few individuals adhere to these philosophical systems.

The third problem is the stupidity of many members of the WBAI Local Station Board. Both R Paul Martin and Carolyn Birden have taunted me to report crime to the proper authorities. Only a complete fool would taunt me to do report crime. As a former federal employee said: “They dared you to report crime.” As my former Wall Street associates said: “You have to report the crime.” As a Wall Street associate said: “Are they crazy? You have nothing to lose.”

The fourth problem is the false notion that there is a threat to security at meetings- as is claimed by Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin, Manijeh Saba, and others for not having meetings open to the public. Jim Dingeman threatened to throw me out of a window- and I treated the threat like it was: Bullshit. I was also menaced by Alex Steinberg, who performed this action as a favor to Carolyn Birden. What a joke.

The fifth problem is that you and many members of the WBAI Local Station Board are divorced from reality. I was wired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the wire order was signed by Frances Fragos (Townsend). The Department of Justice covered up rape, narcotics smuggling, money laundering, price fixing in options and exchange traded funds, the involvement of Chris Christie’s brother in fixing the price of AIG, illegal trading by Goldman Sachs, Spear Leeds and Kellogg, the NYSE, etc. And I have the trades. All that WBAI has are a bunch of bullshit artists, who know nothing of finance, economics, etc.

The sixth problem, and probably the most important, is two-fold.

One, the members of the WBAI Local Station Board, did not stand up to Carolyn Birden when she termed me a Homophobe because I was opposed to R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia. Birden also termed me a sexist and posted numerous lies about me. Furthermore, Birden taunted me to report crime. One has to be a moron to do that.

Two, no one on the WBAI Local Station Board reproached R Paul Martin for lying about me and displaying his lack of education and ignorance in his posting. R Paul Martin is a Pedophile (he likes 10 year old boys), a Pathological Liar (he constantly lies), and he is a Psychopath (He obviously displays no remorse for being a Pedophile).

Do you honestly believe that anyone would give money to an organization, which supports Pedophilia?


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