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September 27, 2013

Many concerned individuals have written providing their opinions on how to save WBAI. The truth is that WBAI is probably beyond saving. Why? Because everyone is providing ideas, much of which are useless, on how to expand the listenership with the same old programming, or even worse how to separate loyal listeners from their money by offering expensive premiums. In one particularly absurd moment Jim Dingeman suggested a marathon reading of Das Kapital. As for the promise of live plays on radio, this is not the Age of Radio. Why listen to the radio when you can see a performance by Lawrence Olivier on YouTube?

Mitchel Cohen praises Cuba, when even his Cuban Communist buddies would come to the United States if they were permitted. The GINI Coefficient is higher in Cuba than it is in the United States. Yes, the GINI is high in Sweden, but everyone agrees that basic necessities must be provided.

You have Steve Brown, who decided that he would change WBAI because he did not like the pro-Palestinian stance of many WBAI producers and because of his perception of anti-Semitism at WBAI. To thwart, what Brown viewed as anti-Semitism, Brown, a former Pornography Entrepreneur, used his money to take on a campaign to oust what has been referred to as “a black nationalist movement” from WBAI. So instead of advocates of Black Nationalism we have R Paul Martin and Carolyn Birden on the WBAI Local Station Board espousing defenses of heterosexual rape by Wall Street millionaires and Pedophilia by 65 year old perverts.

Steve Brown has managed to replace Bernard White with Andrea Katz, although not as Program Director. Katz’s temper tantrums instill fear at WBAI. Why? Because everyone knows that Defendant Stephen M Brown currently controls the hiring of individuals at WBAI. Yes, Brown continues to control hiring at WBAI and the proof is that Andrea Katz continues to be employed at WBAI, when her specialty is not needed. What is needed is a Certified Public Accountant with knowledge of broadcasting and IRC 501 (c) (3) rules.

Of course WBAI defends the nonsense that Mitchel Cohen, the mouthpiece of Steve Brown, espouses when he says: You must quote the statute. No. If Mitchel Cohen knew anything about accounting and law, he would know that he must ask advice from a professional. Steve Brown, a multimillionaire, frequently quotes federal rules of procedure and other legal precedent using such legal terms as de minimus. Brown learned these terms from either his involvement in business or his involvement as a defendant in numerous actions. If Mitchel Cohen were interested in learning about law, he could ask Defendant Stephen M Brown for information. I once had to explain the basics of accrual accounting to Mitchel Cohen. Go Cuba.

Then we had the program, Occupy Wall Street program, via which WBAI attempted to become relevant. Esther Armagh and Tony Bates, whose combined knowledge of economics is non-existent, could not understand the importance of not turning the Trial of Goldman Sachs into grievance politics, but instead having it become an opportunity to educate the public on the fraudulent conduct of Wall Street. Instead we were treated to a homeless fellow, undoubtedly a former Wall Street player at Goldman Sachs, jumping up and down and stating: I’m homeless, but …. One of the outstanding moments of legal illiteracy occurred when one fellow blamed the loss of his mother’s house upon an individual changing the address on his mother’s electric bill- not attributing the fraud to a falsified notarized deed, which would show the change in ownership. In other words, WBAI fails to understand that this is not the 1960s. Grievance politics, a favorite of hucksters, who only uneducated fools believe, is alive at WBAI. It is much easier for individuals to listen to a huckster like Jesse Jackson, whose net worth exceeds $100 million and who for $100,000 and some other benefits from Dick Grasso, was one of the architects of the financial crisis, than to understand precisely how Goldman Sachs wrecked the world economy.

Of course it is ironic that Stephen Brown, who effectively controls the WBAI Local Station Board, is a multimillionaire who made his money via his initial foray into pornography (production and distribution, and sex phone lines, as I have been told) and who does not want to pay taxes on unearned income. Yes, Brown wants individuals with a family of four to pay taxes on their wages, but Brown feels that if he is paid a dividend of $10 million, he should not pay taxes. Of if Brown’s hedge fund friends purchase a company and then have the company take out a loan and repay Brown’s hedge fund buddies, the return of capital should not be taxed. Of course Brown pays the workers at his call centers and distribution centers minimum wage- which is acceptable to such leftist idiots as Carolyn Birden, Mitchel Cohen, Alex Steinberg, etc.

And what does Mitchel Cohen Commie have to say about this. Well Mitchel says nothing, because Steve Brown’s control of WBAI provides relevance to Mitchel Cohen. So too does the salon Trotskyite Alex Steinberg defend Steve Brown’s support of Ron Paul- which support is based on lower taxes for multimillionaires like Steve Brown, who have been sanctioned by several states, or lower taxes for Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs who continues to do God’s work of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Carolyn Birden is the personification of the transplantation of ante bellum Southern plantation life to the New York. Of course, Birden looks askance at those individuals, who speak Spanish. Birden went so far as to state that “speaking Spanish” is not a qualification for membership on the Local Station Board of a Pacifica radio station. Birden, the erudite English Professor who never read Ulysses, studied French in college and looks down upon those individuals, who speak Spanish. But what does Birden, who worships Steve Brown as her Lord Vishnu because of his wealth, have to say about the efforts of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to learn Spanish- because Spanish is an important part of the fabric of New York City.

Recently Carolyn Birden made a negative comment about belly dancers, but Steve Brown’s insertion of his penis into the rectums of men and women without a condom goes unmentioned. Oh honey, it is too big? Here let’s deaden the pain with some cocaine in your rectum. The degradation of women means nothing to Carolyn Birden, who worships money.

Of course Carolyn Birden does not have to work. Her husband has so much money. But Birden has been divorced for more than 20 years. Does her husband continue to pay her money? Birden has an active fantasy life- from being a millionaire to having sex with a former porn actor.

Then we have Pat Logan, who was recently described as an elderly blind woman. There was never any mention of the incident where Pat Logan defended the actions of a homeless man, who attempted to use the bathroom of a restaurant on the Bowery, and when denied use of the facilities, attempted to set fire to the building- willing to kill innocent children, who lived above the restaurant, in order to have his revenge.

But perhaps the most delusional individual at WBAI is R Paul Martin, a deranged and delusional Preferential Pedophile who believes that 10 year old boys are desirous of having sex with 65 year old perverts, who resemble plucked chickens replete with turkey wattle- or in Martin’s example with the dewlap of a cow.

Martin, the son of an abusive alcoholic, felt saved when an older youth sodomized him. In his mind Martin felt wanted; someone was finally paying attention to him.

WBAI cannot appeal to the middle class, either lower middle class or upper lower class. I have heard individuals at WBAI meetings attack homeowners and landlords. Well, if you do not own your own home someone else must. Oh, I forgot the New York City Housing Projects are a paradigm of government ownership of housing- drugs and guns rule. Everyone, except the fools on the WBAI Local Station Board, knows that the most important means of accumulating any wealth are home ownership and education. But the WBAI Local Station Board is against home ownership and as for education; the definition of education espoused by the WBAI LSB is one devoid of accounting, mathematics, and law. Carolyn Birden even decried those with a Master’s Degree in Social Work by denigrating social workers, whose license requires knowledge of statistics. No, Carolyn a Standard Deviation is not a deviant sex act.

The definition of knowledge of the WBAI LSB is confined to knowledge of Hegel, Marx and Lenin.

With individuals such as these running WBAI and even utilizing their influence to determine programming, is it any reason why WBAI is failing.


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