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October 8, 2013

Ms. Mary Richardson, Inspector General Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Mr. Bill Richardson, Deputy Inspector General Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Mr. Joel Kaplan, Ombudsman Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Summer Reese, Interim Executive Director General Pacifica Foundation; et al.


Steve Brown (Stephen M Brown) has never denied that he was involved in Pornography; rather he has boasted of his involvement to his acolytes. 


R Paul Martin has never denied that he is a Pedophile.  That Martin is a Psychopath is readily apparent from his defense of Pedophilia; his glib and sarcastic answers to anyone, who disputes what he says; and his actions as Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.  As for Martin’s qualification as a Pathological Liar, I have provided you with numerous examples.  I have provided you with a copy of Martin’s prevarications and lies concerning the meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee.


As you are aware I have been viciously attacked in e-mails by Stephen M Brown (Steve Brown), a former Pornography Entrepreneur.  It appears that Steve Brown is applying the tactics of Joseph Goebbels:  Tell the big lie and everyone will believe you.  But Steve Brown has no credibility.


As you can discern from my e-mails, WBAI is controlled by Steve Brown, a direct mail marketer, who has been banned in numerous states.   So egregious were Steve Brown’s violations that he was prevented from taking his company public, thus costing him hundreds of millions of dollars because of his greed and disregard for the law.


Brown was a pornography entrepreneur and he boasted of this to his associates.  Brown readily excuses the Pedophilia of R Paul Martin, a member of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association).  Brown attempts to obscure the Pedophilia of Martin by stating, an absurdity, that I had accused Carolyn Birden, an associate of Brown, of procuring 10 year old boys for R Paul Martin.  I never said this; but it is readily observable that Steve Brown’s involvement in the pornography industry, during the 1970s when pornography was controlled by the Italian Mafia, has inured Brown to the fact that many young women were forced into pornography via drug dependency or their pimps. 


Steve Brown, a member of the WBAI Local Station Board, has inured to himself a benefit from WBAI, viz. the hiring of Andrea Katz, his personal friend, by WBAI.  A reading the explication of IRC 501 (c) (3) states that the benefit does not have to accrue to the individual, the benefit can accrue to a friend or a business controlled by a family member. 


IRC 501 (c) (3) states that all financial transactions between an IRC 501 (c) (3) corporation and a member of the Board of the IRC 501 (c) (3) must be made public.  Steve Brown, backed by Mitchel Cohen has stated that Steve Brown does not have to disclose any business transactions between Steve Brown and WBAI.  Thus, R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, and Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, have refused to release the corporate name of the call center, which WBAI has retained to raise funds for WBAI.  Steve Brown owns one of the largest call centers in the United States.  Mitchel Cohen, Secretary of the WBAI Local Station Board who is a friend of Steve Brown, has stated that this information does not have to be provided. 


Steve Brown’s control over the WBAI Local Station Board is so complete that he merely had to place the name of his daughter, Elizabeth Brown, on the ballot of his group and she was elected.  Brown’s daughter had no connection to WBAI and the federal government should have monitored this election to determine if there fraud were involved.  One individual explained to me how easy it would be to falsify an election to the WBAI Board- and the Federal Communications Commission should have investigated WBAI’s elections.


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting also has sufficient information to request that the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate violations of federal law at WBAI and Pacifica- especially violations pertaining to the filing of false financial statements. 


As I have stated previously I have been threatened with physical violence, menaced, and even shoved from behind by individuals associated with Pacifica.   In one incident Jim Dingeman, a close associate of Brown, threatened to throw me out of the 10th floor window of WBAI’s offices at 120 Wall Street.


Furthermore, the broadcasting license of WBAI must be investigated because R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, Treasurer of the WBAI Local Station Board, member of the WBAI Local Station Board, and member of the Pacifica National Board, is a Pedophile and it is a requirement that in order to have a radio program or to serve on the WBAI Local Station Board as a member of the Steve Brown Group or to be selected to serve as a member of the WBAI Community Board one must accept and defend R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia.  That is a violation of federal law.  It is the responsibility of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to notify the Federal Communications Commission of this violation of federal law.  It is mandated that if a federal agency is notified of a violation of federal law and an individual requests that this be investigated, the federal agency which receives the information is supposed to pass it along.  Or we can always ask for a legal opinion for the Department of Justice.  


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has not behaved in an exemplary manner in the brouhaha involving Pacifica and WBAI.  Pacifica and WBAI must be denied federal funding because of these serious violations of federal law.


Furthermore, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting must contact the Internal Revenue Service, Exempt Organizations, and request that the IRS conduct an investigation into Pacifica and WBAI to determine not only if Pacifica and WBAI are qualified to receive funds, but if Pacifica should be denied its tax exempt status.


Thank you.


Edward Manfredonia


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