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February 1, 2014

Dear All:

First, everyone, who knows me, knows that I do not lie.  That is more than can be said of Stephen M Brown, whom I have labeled “The Metaphorical Pimp.”  As for Carolyn Birden she is the dummy to Stephen M Brown as ventriloquist.  Carolyn Birden and Stephen M Brown despise me because I have exposed violations of federal law at Pacifica and WBAI- and especially Stephen M Brown’s involvement in these violations of federal law.

I urge Stephen M Brown to write to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at 26 Federal Plaza and inform the FBI that I am a paranoid schizophrenic.  But the FBI will know that Brown is full of bwa ya tembo- and tembo means elephant and perhaps the FBI might be encouraged to investigate Stephen M Brown.

Please note that Stephen M Brown’s diatribes against Bernard White resulted in a lawsuit, which resulted in the sum of $250,000 being charged to Pacifica to defend Stephen M Brown. 


Once again Stephen M Brown lies.   Stephen M Brown, Pornography Entrepreneur, actor, liar and producer is deranged and despises me.  Why, because I am the only individual, who has stood up to him and exposed his lies.  Most importantly it was Stephen M Brown, who boasted of his beginnings in the pornography business.  A little investigation provided more information. I did not state that Stephen M Brown was a “porn king;” rather, I wrote that Stephen M Brown was a Porn Entrepreneur- actor, producer and distributor and that this was the beginning of Stephen M Brown’s direct mail business. 


And Brown how are your Russian friends?


But most importantly Stephen M Brown hates me because I have stated that the hiring of Andrea Katz and Alan Arthur Katz was illegal and that there was no $30,000 loan to finance the hiring of Andrea Katz. This is a felony.


If I lied why would the Internal Revenue Service have forced accounting changes and write-offs in the financial statements of Pacifica?  There was no IRS investigation of Pacifica until I wrote to the IRS- Exempt Organizations.  This is why Pacifica must use accrual accounting.  Furthermore, the IRS sent me numerous letters acknowledging my information.  The IRS would not have written to me if I had provided useless information.


If I were lying why would the Department of Labor have investigated Pacifica?  They were impartial and my sworn statements were true. 


The public officials to whom I write are individuals are such as the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service or the Chair of a federal commission or a federal judge, who must be informed of the illegal activities of Stephen M Brown.


As for my letters to Judge Gardephe, who presided over the case Bernard White v Pacifica and Stephen M Brown, my letters exposed several lies of Stephen M Brown- such as his control of personnel and that he was a former porn actor.  I assure you that my letters to Judge Gardephe were quite normal and can be found on my blog, wallstreetcrusader48.  If my letters were bizarre, I assure you that Judge Gardephe would have sent United States Marshals to arrest me.  But my letters were informative and quite coherent.  Especially concerning the manner in which Stephen M Brown and his cohorts control the WBAI Local Station Board and how false financial information is provided by R Paul Martin and others.  Also mentioned in my letters to Judge Gardephe was R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia- which is now public information- in addition to his being a Pathological Liar.


Carolyn Birden is an enabler of Pedophilia; Birden has defended R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia.  Birden termed me a Homophobe for being opposed to R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia.  Birden has even gone further and said that she would defend R Paul Martin, a member of NAMBLA. Birden has also taunted me to write to the legal authorities and R Paul Martin has done the same.


Tracy Rosenberg also termed me a Homophobe because I had condemned R Paul Martin’s public profession of Pedophilia.    But I assure you that I am not a paranoid schizophrenic.  This is merely Stephen M Brown’s feeble attempt to smear my name.  What can you say of an individual, who was involved with pornography when the Italian Mafia ruled the porn world?


As for Tracy Rosenberg’s statement that the Russian Mob put a tracking chip in my brain, that is a fantasy of Tracy Rosenberg.  Tracy Rosenberg is weird- after all she defended R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia as private thoughts.  The Russian Mob did threaten my life- that is known to the FBI.  The reason I was threatened was because I had written about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann and had provided the name of the individual, who had ordered the murders. 


But my phone has been hacked by a download; and I went to T-Mobile to have it erased.  In a sense it was easy to determine that my phone had been hacked.  The free memory in my cell phone disappeared to 12 MB.  I then had my phone erased and the program was erased.  So I am not imagining things.  Perhaps Tracy Rosenberg was struck by lightning because she wears a tinfoil tricorn.


As for Stephen M Brown’s claim that Mitchel Cohen did not hire “thugs” to intimidate me, I assure you that Mitchel Cohen did hire thugs to intimidate me- and with funds from WBAI.  Mitchel e-mailed me that he had hired someone to check me out at WBAI Local Station Board meetings.  You can look at the expenses, which were charged to WBAI.  Mitchel did this when he was an officer of the WBAI Local Station Board.


Mitchel Cohen has even admitted to hiring individuals to intimidate me at meetings.  I remember when Jim Dingeman, an intimate of Stephen M Brown who first told me about Steve Brown’s involvement in the porn industry, threatened to throw me out of a 10th floor window.


Stephen M Brown also does not like it to be known that the reason he financed the takeover of WBAI is because Brown viewed WBAI as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.  (via Mitchel Cohen, who told me.)


As for Mitchel Cohen, I have been informed that he had fathered an out-of-wedlock child and had refused to pay child support.  Perhaps the 1%, and most assuredly not Stephen M Brown, must pay to support Cohen’s progeny.


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