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February 13, 2014



Mitchel Cohen is a real Commie Asshole.  Cohen has been peddling his brilliant idea that because WBAI is a Not For Profit, WBAI should not pay market rates for its antenna at the Empire State Building.  And Mitchel wants to be the lead negotiator for the new transmitter lease for WBAI.


Cohen has proposed that he should be given the power to negotiate a new lease with the Malkin family, which controls the entity that owns the Empire State Building.


Cohen cannot think like a rational individual.  The Empire State Building is not owned by the Malkin Family; it is owned by numerous shareholders.  If the Malkin Family were to give WBAI a special rate, the other shareholders would sue.  Not only would the Malkin Family lose, but it would have to cover the costs of litigation.  But why would Mitchel Cohen care about contract and property law.  Cohen told me that WBAI did not have to obey federal law concerning the hiring of employees, in this instance not only IRC 501 (c) (3), but also the Equal Opportunity Act.


Mitchel Cohen is a coward.  Does he ever advise his good friend, Stephen M Brown, to pay his workers a decent wage?  Of course not!  Stephen M Brown would toss Mitchel from the bus- metaphorically, WBAI.


As for personal responsibility:  Did Mitchel Cohen father an out of wedlock child?  Did Mitchel Cohen abrogate his responsibility to support his progeny?


And the Malkin Family should support Mitchel Cohen- just as the government supports Mitchel Cohen with subsidies.


The 1% has given enough support to Mitchel Cohen!


Mitchel Cohen can request Stephen M Brown to give him the support he needs.


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