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March 3, 2014

Dear All:

In 2010 Andrea Katz had a very public mental meltdown on Project Runway.  Her design business faltered as a result of what Heidi Klum termed Andrea’s cowardice.  With Andrea’s business in jeopardy Stephen M Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur, used his control of the WBAI Local Station Board to have WBAI hire Andrea Katz as (Interim) Development Director.
Steve Brown and his toadies (Carolyn Birden, Tracy Rosenberg, R Paul Martin, etc.) have displayed their basic ignorance in smearing my name because I am opposed to Pedophilia.
Andrea Katz has been “running” WBAI from her design studio.  She is infrequently in the office.
Why has WBAI become the refuge of Steve Brown’s friends (Andrea Katz and Alan Arthur Katz) when WBAI has reduced its staff?
Mitchel Cohen has boasted that WBAI does not have to obey to federal law.  It appears that Steve Brown, Tracy Rosenberg, R Paul Martin, Carolyn Birden, and others believe that WBAI is above the law.  
But why has not Andrea Katz’s mental health been discussed?  Especially by Tracy Rosenberg, Steve Brown, R Paul Martin, Carolyn Birden, Alex Steinberg, and many others.
It is pertinent to her position- especially her screaming rages, which were directed at employees of WBAI.
Sent to:
Abby Charles <>,
 Marcus Jetter <>,
 “” <>,
 Campbell Johnson <>,
 Robyn Holden <>,
 Stephen M Brown <>,
 Frank LeFever <>,
 Heather Gray <>,
 Leo Gold <>,
 M Hernandez <>,
 “” <>,
 Oscar Fernandez <>,
 Luzette K <>,
 Keanna Faircloth <>,
 “Benito A. Diaz” <>,
 Richard Uzzell <>,
 Tony Norman <>,
 William Martin <>,
 Lona Alias <>,
 Peter Tucker <>,
 Marian Douglas-Ungaro <>,
 Bruce Wolf <>,
 “” <>,
 jim Dingeman <>,
 Dgiuseffi <>,
 Mitchel Cohen <>,
 John Brinkley <>,
 Bob Young <>,
 WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>,
 Summer Reese <>,
 Bob Lederer <>,
 william heerwagen <>,
 Stephen Howard <>,
 Ed Manfredonia <>,
 Alex Steiner <>

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