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March 4, 2014

To Leo Gold and Others:

I did not ask you to associate yourself with my recitation of facts.  Most individuals, who are associated with Pacifica, have their head in the sand.  Every statement, which I have made about Carolyn Birden is a fact.

Carolyn Birden taunted me to report all crimes to the proper authorities- or I would be liable for not doing so.  Of course, I was then obliged to report these violations.  That is why Pacifica was audited by the IRS and had to restate its financial statements.
You have an opinion.  You do not have the facts.  I have not lied about Carolyn Birden, R Paul Martin, Alex Steinberg, Tracy Rosenberg and especially, Steve Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur.
The fact is that Stephen M Brown has inured a benefit to himself, specifically the hire of his friends, Andrea Katz and Alan Arthur (Katz), Andrea’s brother.  That is a violation of Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3).
As for R Paul Martin, he is a Preferential Pedophile and a member of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association).  Steve Brown assured that Martin would be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee because Martin is a Pathological Liar and would cover up Brown’s financial irregularities.
I am a bona-fide whistle-blower. I appeared in several issues of BusinessWeek for exposing crime on Wall Street.  (Read: Scandal On Wall Street in BusinessWeek.)
I possess an MBA.  I know accounting fraud when I see it.  That is why there were restatements in the financial statements of Pacifica.  Those are facts not opinions.  Ed Manfredonia
Sent to:
 Leo Gold <>,
 TracyRosenberg <>,
 CereneRoberts <>,
 Andrea Prichett <>,
 youri <>,
 Acie Byrd <>,
 Abby Charles <>,
 Marcus Jetter <>,
 “” <>,
 Campbell Johnson <>,
 Robyn Holden <>,
 Stephen M Brown <>,
 Frank LeFever <>,
 Heather Gray <>,
 M Hernandez <>,
 “” <>,
 Oscar Fernandez <>,
 Luzette K <>,
 Keanna Faircloth <>,
 “Benito A. Diaz” <>,
 Richard Uzzell <>,
 Tony Norman <>,
 William Martin <>,
 Lona Alias <>,
 Peter Tucker <>,
 Marian Douglas-Ungaro <>,
 Bruce Wolf <>,
 “” <>,
 jim Dingeman <>,
 Dgiuseffi <>,
 Mitchel Cohen <>,
 John Brinkley <>,
 Bob Young <>,
 WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>,
 Summer Reese <>,
 Bob Lederer <>,
 william heerwagen <>,
 Stephen Howard <>,
 Ed Manfredonia <>

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