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March 4, 2014

Dear All:

It is readily apparent that Carolyn Birden is suffering from some degenerative neurological disease- why else would she be a Pathological Liar.  Her latest manifestation of mental illness is her support for Andrea Katz, who suffered a mental meltdown on Project Runway.


Another manifestation of her aberrational behavior has been her defense of Mitchel Cohen.  Mitchel Cohen absconded and refused to pay child support for his out-of wedlock progeny.  Such conduct is despicable, but the Steve Brown Group has always given Mitchel Cohen, who felt that the 99% should support his child, an extraordinary amount of support.


At a meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board Carolyn Birden boasted that her husband had so much money that she did not have to work.  Obviously, her husband provided the material support necessary for Birden and their children.  And even though Birden has referred to her husband in the present tense, he is no longer her husband.  Birden’s husband decided that Birden suffered from some mental impairment and left her many years ago.


Birden’s ex-husband has always supported Birden and their children- and for that he should be congratulated.  But Birden has spiritually defended Mitchel Cohen, who has never provided for the material support of his child.


Birden also has a nasty habit of slinging terms referring to mental illness at those with whom she disagrees.  But Andrea Katz had a major, and very public, mental meltdown on Project Runway.  And Katz’s mental illness is manifest in her treatment of WBAI employees- her rants and demands.  Yet, Birden has never said a word against Andrea Katz.  Why?


Because Birden has some kind of fantasy about Steve Brown and his money.  Birden is delusional; she basks in the afterglow of Steve Brown, Pornography Entrepreneur.


Birden is mentally ill.  Whether this is a product of her 80 years or some degenerative neurological disease, I do not know.


But for the good of WBAI, Birden should resign.  After all, Birden taunted me to report WBAI’s accounting fraud to the Internal Revenue Service.


And that alone is sufficient proof of mental incompetency.


Edward Manfredonia


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