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April 3, 2014

In 2010 Neanda Salvaterra, currently of The Wall Street Journal, was writing for The Black Star News, which was owned by her then husband, Milton Allimadi.  Salvaterra and Allimadi went to a United Nations function where African countries predominated.  While attending this function, Neanda Salvaterra met an individual, who was smuggling blood diamonds.  The smuggler gave Neanda his business card.


When Neanda told me of this, I told Neanda that I wanted to meet the smuggler.  Neanda demurred.  Neanda, originally from Angola, did not want to provide me with any information.  For Neanda Africans raping and murdering other Africans was permissible and Neanda did not want a “white boy” to expose the massive murder and rape of Africans by African diamond smugglers.


Neanda Salvaterra currently writes for The Wall Street Journal, which covers up crime on Wall Street- in particular by friends of Robert Morgenthau, former New York County District Attorney, and Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Neanda Salvaterra covers up murder and rape- just as Arthur Levitt and Robert Morgenthau and Linda Fairstein did. 


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