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June 8, 2014



Stephen M Brown, who took over the WBAI Local Station Board by expending $30,000, has lost his bid to keep Summer Reese as Executive Director of Pacifica. 


Steve Brown, who has donated money to those who want to repeal the capital gains tax and the tax on dividends, pushed for Summer Reese to become Executive Director because Summer Reese shared Steve Brown’s anti-tax beliefs.


Carolyn Birden, the mouthpiece of Steve Brown who worships Steve Brown has her deva, has lied repeatedly.  Birden, whose knowledge of the law is nonexistent as are her morals, stated that Reese had a valid contract and was unjustly fired.


Birden sold her ass (metaphorically speaking because no one wants the ass of an 80 year old hag) because Steve Brown is a multi-millionaire. 


Steve Brown backed Summer Reese because Reese wished to assign WBAI to WFMU in order to become Executive Director.


Janet Coleman, the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, and Carolyn Birden agreed to vote for Summer Reese if Summer Reese voted to have WFMU operate WBAI under a PSOA.


Steve Brown no longer posts his nonsensical advice.  Brown, go back to the porn industry.  You can film old ladies having sex.  Or maybe some Goth Porn.  After all, you bear a resemblance to Dracula.



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