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June 16, 2014



Stephen M Brown is a racist, who despises Muslims.  By using his money Brown was able to take over WBAI- with the assistance of Jim Dingeman, who needs money; Mitchel Cohen, who lives off government benefits and refused to pay child support; and Carolyn Birden, who dreams of money, which she no longer has; Alex Steinberg, who fantasizes of Trotsky while drinking lemonade; and others.


But Steve Brown showed his racism when WBAI broadcast Al Jazeera.


Brown was ranting about Sharia law.


But what about the rule of Orthodox Jews- a Bet Din, a religious court.


According to Mitchel Cohen, Steve Brown took over WBAI because he viewed WBAI to be anti-Semitic.  Since the ejection of Summer Reese, Brown and his cohorts, especially Carolyn Birden who dreams of lost money- the way a 12 year old boy fantasizes about a movie star.


Brown is a racist and he is willing to close down WBAI and Pacifica.


Steve brown is a racist scumbag.  He will do anything for money- just as he was involved in Pornography.


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