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July 23, 2014


Joseph Giamanco recently died. Joseph Giamanco was one of the more successful thieves at the American Stock Exchange. Giamanco was expelled from the AMEX for illegal trading, which was exposed in the seminal article, Scandal On Wall Street, which was authored by Gary Weiss.

I provided the necessary information to Gary Weiss, who at the time was a reporter for Business Week. Note: Weiss later wrote in an article that I was not the source of information concerning the illegal trading by specialists at the American Stock Exchange and was terminated by Business Week for this lie. Note: BusinessWeek covered up Weiss’ lie for fear that discrediting Weiss could result in a loss of prestige for BusinessWeek.

But to return to Joseph Giamanco. Giamanco was such a low life that he cheated George Reichhelm, an AMEX specialist. In the 1990s Giamanco and several other thieves manipulated the price of Bentley Pharmaceutical and stole approximately $400,000 from Reichhelm by this manipulation.

Giamanco paid off Steven Lister, then Senior Vice President of the American Stock Exchange in charge of Regulation, to overlook Giamanco’s violation of federal law. Lister was regularly paid off by Giamanco and Arthur Levitt, formerly Chair of the American Stock Exchange and later Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, ordered the SEC to cover up Giamanco’s violation of federal law- including the bribing of Steven Lister.

When I was writing for The Black Star News I received numerous telephone calls from several former Amex members. They told me that Joseph Giamanco was still involved in stock frauds. Unfortunately, at that time the entire financial industry was in crisis and The Black Star News could not pursue an investigation into these stock frauds.

When these former Amex members asked me if Gary Weiss would be interested in investigating Giamanco, I told them that Gary Weiss had protected the Russian Mob when Mikhail ordered the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann. Furthermore, Seymour Zucker, Weiss’ former editor, had a friend, Feivel Gottlieb, a former Amex member who had been involved in stock fraud with the Russian Mob.

Joseph Giamanco, Rest In Peace with the other thieves of the Amex- including Louis Miceli, a money launderer and drug smuggler.

Ed Manfredonia 917 608 9083


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