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September 2, 2014


Jim Dingeman is just like Carolyn Birden and R Paul Martin, two individuals whom he vociferously supports.


Jim Dingeman has expended quite a bit of effort, but unfortunately not calories, in presenting a reading of Two Noble Kinsmen on Radio WBAI, the radio station which also lives in the past.  Dingeman is living in the 1930s, The Golden Age of Radio.  So, Dingeman and his merry pranksters will read Willy S’s play on WBAI- an example of the programming, which Dingeman would have brought to WBAI.  


Dingeman would have felt right at home in the 1930s with the movies, which chronicled the Big Broadcasts of the early 1930s. 


WBAI is stuck in the past with a bunch of losers like, Mitchel Cohen, Jim Dingeman, R Paul Martin, Carolyn Birden, etc.  And this crew of un-merry psychopaths is led by Stephen M Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur and Direct Mail- as in snail mail- huckster.


There can be no better example of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of Jim Dingeman, who has allied himself with R Paul Martin, Preferential Pedophile and member of NAMBLA, and Carolyn Birden, who is a pathological liar. 


Carolyn Birden, whose ego is in inverse proportion to her intellect, was abandoned by her attorney.  Why?  Because Carolyn Birden told her attorney the precise manner to proceed in a lawsuit.


These are the morons, who run WBAI.  A real bunch of assholes.


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