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October 1, 2014


It is my opinion that WBAI is the victim of a deliberate and planned insolvency by members of the Stephen M Brown Group. I first wrote of this attempt to destroy WBAI in January 2012 in a missive, which I sent to Ross Wisdom, the CPA firm which audited Pacifica. In my letter I linked this deliberate insolvency to the actions of Stephen M Brown and his acolytes. Much of the information, which led me to this belief, was provided by Mitchel Cohen and Jim Dingeman.

According to Mitchel Cohen Stephen M Brown believed that WBAI was in the thralls of an anti-Semitic Group, which controlled the WBAI Local Station Board and its programming. Jim Dingeman stated that Justice and Unity promoted anti-Semitism and that Stephen M Brown had decided to oust this group of African-Americans and their supporters by utilizing his direct mail service. Let us understand that Steve Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur in other words a scummy low-life who began his career promoting Pornography, was motivated by what he perceived to be anti-Semitism.

In numerous postings Steve Brown frequently brought up the specter of violence, frequently recounting that Bernard White, then Program Director, had menaced Indra Hardart. Thus, Steve Brown attempted to bring to the forefront violence, which he attributed to Bernard White. But what was pornography at the time of Stephen M Brown’s involvement in the porn industry, if not violence against women?

But Steve Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur when the porn industry was controlled by the Italian Mafia, favors violence against those who know that Brown has violated federal law in his takeover of WBAI. So let us examine the violence of Steve Brown’s acolytes.

Of course the most notable and ignoble example of violence is Jim Dingeman, who can be favorably described as Steve Brown’s enforcer- an individual, who believes that he is the incarnation of Lucca Brazzi (Godfather fame).

On one occasion Dingeman threatened to throw me out of the 10th floor window of 120 Wall Street- a threat that has provoked laughter from those who know me. Dingeman has also proclaimed himself to be a killer and an army sniper. But what did Dingeman snipe? Photos of young ladies near an open window. Imagine Dingeman with his scope with or without a rifle. What would Dingeman be viewing through scope? Young ladies in various modes of dishabille.

Then there is Alex Steinberg, who at one time menaced me. Steinberg should find himself a forest in which he can hide.

Let us not forget Mitchel Cohen, who receives free trips to Cuba and a stipend. Cohen even hired some thugs to intimidate me at meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board. Of course this was an abject failure.

But what of Steve Brown, coward? In February 2012 Brown glared at me during meetings of the Pacifica National Board. I asked Brown if he wished to speak to me. Brown demurred.

Dingeman told me that there were killers at WBAI. I told him that there were no killers at WBAI. But let me clarify that. There are self-proclaimed killers at WBAI and the only thing they kill are mosquitoes and roaches- like themselves and only in their sexually induced fantasies.

And I am reminded of a non-incident on the subway several months ago. At this time there was a rally supporting Israel and its bombing campaign against the Palestinians. (Sorry, I am not running for President as a Republican.)

The subway car was crowded with throngs of tough individuals, who were wearing Israeli Defense Force shirts.

But there was one individual, who was not wearing an IDF shirt- and he stood out.

This solitary individual was wearing a shirt on which was displayed a German WW II army helmet. And below this helmet were the words Metal Maschine. But the interesting part of the wording was the writing of the s in Maschine. It was the German rune, sig, the lightning bolt S- just like the SS wore on their uniform.

And the only two individuals, who said anything about this shirt with the sig, were I and a tourist from Holland. The tourist heard me remarking to some women from China about the sig on the shirt. He was appalled that no one said anything. And so I told him story about Dingeman threatening to throw me out of a window- and how some fools thought that they (Cohen and Dingeman) could frighten me. One (Cohen) by hiring some bird-brained thug to threaten me. The other (Dingeman) by threatening to throw me out of a window. (Two cowards)

I explained that Cohen and Dingeman would never say anything to someone, who was big. They are cowards, who attempt to threaten a little person like me, and are no threat to anyone- but themselves.

More about the deliberate insolvency to follow. But I had to once again express my feelings about the cowards of WBAI.


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