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October 12, 2014


At the outset I wish to thank Tracy Rosenberg for exposing violations of federal law- unintentional as they may be. But what is illogical, other than her spirited defense of R Paul Martin’s Pedophilia (like for the weenies of 10 year old boys), is Rosenberg’s outright lies in defense of Summer Reese and Reese’s violation of federal law.

Tracy Rosenberg was a fierce defender of Summer Reese’s refusal to provide her social security number- which placed Pacifica in a perilous position. (You do not pay withholding taxes and the IRS audits.)

When I wrote about Summer Reese’s refusal to investigate the fraudulent non-existent loan, which Stephen M Brown, Pornography Entrepreneur stated he made to WBAI to facilitate the hiring of Andrea Katz, Summer Reese refused to investigate. Yet 18 months after I wrote to Summer, Tracy Rosenberg lied and stated that Summer was going to investigate Stephen M Brown’s fictitious and non-existent loan.

Tracy Rosenberg lied- as she frequently does. Thus, Rosenberg attacked the CFO of Pacifica for not excluding depreciation from the financial statements of Pacifica- even though the Internal Revenue Service required that Pacifica utilize the proper depreciation schedules.

And of course Tracy Rosenberg and Stephen M Brown, Porn Entrepreneur, mocked me when I stated that the sums owed to Democracy Now could not be carried on the financial statements of Pacifica for many years. I forgot to state the important piece of information: Democracy Now cannot have carried a receivable for the amount Pacifica owed Democracy Now.

There are three reasons for this:
1. The first is that if Democracy had claimed Pacifica’s debt as a receivable, Democracy Now would have been required to pay taxes on that sum.
2. There is a time-limit for carrying a receivable and Pacifica’s debt had exceeded that time period- which means a write-off.
3. Which means that every year Democracy Now would have been billing Pacifica, paying taxes on the receivable, and then writing off a past due receivable. That is not permissible.

So Tracy and Stephen M Brown, who has money but is not as bright as he believes himself to be, knew that I was correct.

The problem with WBAI is that a bunch of degenerate assholes run the Local Station Board.


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