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November 14, 2014

Ed Manfredonia
12:20 AM (10 minutes ago)

to TracyRosenberg, CereneRoberts, Andrea, youri, Abby, Marcus, kateastitt, Campbell, Robyn, Stephen, Frank, Heather, Leo, M, mrjbrown, Oscar, Luzette, Keanna, Benito, Richard, William, Lona, Peter, Bruce, dkcombs
Dear All,

I am posting this letter because Mitchel Cohen has told half-truths and has omitted pertinent facts.
First, I had called the New York City Police to a meeting of the WBAI Finance Committee at 388 Atlantic Avenue because Berthold had shoved me from behind. I did not tell that to the police because I did not want Berthold to be arrested- he is married and has two children. That was a mistake.
Second, As I have pointed out in the letter below, Mitchel Cohen took my seat at the end of the row. I am to have hip and knee replacement next year. I use a cane and was wearing a knee brace, which was clearly visible, on my right knee. I sat at the end so that I could stretch my legs.
The letter to the Department of Justice was mailed from a mail box.
As for the threats of violence and intimidation: Jim Dingeman had famously threatened to throw me out a window; Mitchel used WBAI funds to hire thugs in an attempt to frighten me because I was exposing the machinations of Stephen M Brown, former Pornography Entrepreneur; and hilariously, Alex Steinberg menaced me. There are other small incidents- but if the Russian Mob did not frighten me, these fools cannot.
As for Mitchel’s attempt to smear me, I will be believed in Court.
Ed Manfredonia

Edward Manfredonia
8337 St. James Avenue
Apt. 4B
Elmhurst, NY 11373
13 November 2014
Ms. Leslie R. Caldwell
Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Division
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Assistant Attorney General Caldwell:

I am writing to you concerning a violation of federal law at WBAI, a radio broadcasting station in New York City, whose broadcasting license is held by the Pacifica Foundation Radio, an IRC 501 c 3 Corporation, which is located in Berkeley, California. Pacifica holds the broadcasting license of WBAI. As you are aware the federal government grants radio broadcasting licenses- and so this complaint is your bailiwick.

On the night of 12 November 2014 I attended a meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board, which was held on Second Avenue near East 10th Street at Theater for the New City. Prior to the start of the meeting I saw two members of the WBAI Local Station Board. These were Robert Steven Young, a teamster union delegate, and Stephen M Brown, a former Pornography Entrepreneur who is known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, standing outside. I approached them and inquired if they wished to say anything to me. Both replied in the negative. And the reason for my question will be answered below.

Once inside I was listening to piano music, which was being provided for an exhibit. I also partook of the refreshments- cheese, no wine.

When I entered the Theater, I saw Robert Steven Young and Stephen M Brown. I asked Young: Why are you saying that you know Teamsters who could take care of me?

Young’s face dropped. I then asked Brown how the Pornography business is doing.

Brown immediately lied and stated that I had inquired about his pornography business, which I had not.

Brown called me an asshole.

I replied that he was an asshole.

Young interjected that Brown was his friend and that he did not like that I had called his friend an asshole.

I replied that I did not care if Brown were his brother.

Young then stated: You’re an asshole.

I replied: Fuck you.

Now the reason for this conversation was that Robert Steven Young had stated that he knew Teamsters, who would take care of me.

And these threats are a direct result of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting not enforcing the law.

Afterwards I sat down and attended the meeting. I sat at the end of the row. I am old and disabled- I need a hip replacement and a knee replacement. When I went to the restroom I left my cane and bag on the seat. Note: I had visited my Orthopedic Surgeon that afternoon.

And what should occur.

After I left for the restroom Mitchel Cohen removed my cane and bag and sat in my seat.

When I returned I said: I was sitting there.

Cohen said: I know.

I told Cohen that he was an asshole.

I then asked him if he were an agent of the Cuban government. Mitchel was visibly shaken by this question.

I told him that I was informed that the Cuban government had paid for his trip to Cuba and to other left-wing assemblies; that the Cuban government had given him funds; that he lived off government benefits, yet could afford to eat in first class restaurants; etc. I asked if this were true.

Cohen asked how did I know that the Cuban government had paid for his trip to Cuba. I replied that Robert Steven Young had stated that Mitchel had been invited to Cuba by the Cuban government.

Mitchel Cohen then stated into his recorder that he was speaking to Ed Manfredonia, who had written to the Internal Revenue Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting about WBAI.

Of course the Internal Revenue Service believed me and audited Pacifica and WBAI. The result: Approximately $500,000 in restatements.

It is about time that the Department of Justice Investigated WBAI under the provisions of the RICO Act.

I do not take kindly to individuals offering compensation to individuals to threaten me, do physical harm to me or to murder me. (All of which have occurred over the years.)

Thank you.


Edward Manfredonia


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