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December 13, 2014

Dear All, especially Tracy Rosenberg, Mitchel Cohen, Stephen M Brown:

At this juncture I must refute several of the deceptions of Mitchel Cohen. While Mitchel Cohen has stated that I have written numerous missives to the Internal Revenue Service and to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Cohen has refused not only to correctly state that I wrote about accounting fraud, but to mention the deceptive actions of Tracy Rosenberg.

Tracy Rosenberg has written to the Honorable Kamala Harris, Attorney General of the State of California, and has requested that the Attorney General investigate Pacifica for deceptive accounting. Rosenberg believes that, because the Stephen M Brown Group no longer controls WBAI and Pacifica, Pacifica should lose its tax exempt status.

Tracy Rosenberg’s actions compelled me to write to Attorney General Harris and explain Rosenberg’s motivation. I was also compelled to state that Rosenberg had engaged in accounting subterfuge when, as Treasurer of the Pacifica National Board, Rosenberg failed to report the true cost to Pacifica for defending Stephen M Brown against Bernard White’s lawsuit.

Note: Since there were two defendants (Pacifica and Stephen M Brown) two attorneys were employed and the deductible (self-insurance which Pacifica must pay) was applied to the cost of each attorney- a minimum of $250,000.

Stephen M Brown, aka ROACH, because he looks and behaves like a roach, has utilized his control of the WBAI Local Station Board to hire his personal friends (Andrea Katz and Alan Arthur Katz) in violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Mitchel Cohen and Jim Dingeman would never take any action without the approval of Roach Brown.


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