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February 23, 2015

Dear Gary:

It was Mitchel Cohen, who supplied me with information concerning the fraudulent accounting of legal expenses and the negotiations for a lease at 120 Wall Street. Cohen told me of the true cost to Pacifica involved in the defending of lawsuits by Bernard White and others. Cohen knew that I would report this information to the Internal Revenue Service because I had written to Arlene Engelhardt and had asked for a full accounting of Pacifica’s legal expenses in the financial records.

It was Cohen, who first told me of the true cost to Pacifica of several lawsuits- most importantly the Bernard White lawsuit.

After I reported this fraudulent accounting of legal expenses, as Mitchel Cohen knew I would, Cohen realized that he had made a mistake. (Cohen had a dispute with Stephen M Brown and provided me with the information in the hope that it would weaken Brown’s hold over the WBAI Local Station Board.)

When Cohen realized that there would be “blowback” because of the information, which he provided to me, Cohen had Berthold Reimers agree to hire thugs to intimidate me at meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board. That plan did not work out; so Cohen has decided to directly harass me.

Even after the thugs were hired and I laughed at their ineptitude, Cohen would vacillate between providing me with information and denouncing me. As for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting report, it was Cohen, who first told me that WBAI had not deducted the cost of premiums, especially yours, from the contributions of your listeners. Later Dingeman elaborated upon the failure to deduct the cost of premiums and told me that he had not been aware of the necessity to give a “net donation.” (I cannot believe these fools.)

It was Dingeman and Cohen, especially Mitchel Cohen, who told me that there had been no loan to hire Andrea Katz. Mitchel Cohen had provided me with that information at least one year before Dingeman had provided me with this information.

Mitchel Cohen gave me information, which he knew that I would be obliged to report- precisely because I had been labeled a bona fide whistleblower in BusinessWeek.

Mitchel Cohen also provided me with other information concerning accounting fraud because Cohen wanted to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee after he had been termed out of the WBAI Local Station Board- but Steve Brown had rejected Cohen’s candidacy. Thus, it was Cohen, who would constantly provide me with information concerning what was privileged and what was not privileged. Cohen did this to weaken the position of R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.

As for being escorted out of 388 Atlantic Avenue by the NYPD, Mitchel neglects to mention that I had called the NYPD because Berthold had shoved me from behind with a binder. I could have made a call and had Berthold arrested, but I did not because he has a family. That was a mistake.

Mitchel Cohen was upset with me because I showed him no loyalty for the information, which he provided to me. I reported fraud because it was wrong- not to advance anyone’s position within WBAI.

There is more, but that is all for now.


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