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March 8, 2015

Ed Manfredonia
conviction of james sagurton public record
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Ed Manfredonia Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 7:48 AM
To: youri , Abby Charles , Marcus Jetter , “” , Campbell Johnson , Robyn Holden , Stephen M Brown , Frank LeFever , Heather Gray , M Hernandez , “” , Oscar Fernandez , Luzette K , Keanna Faircloth , “Benito A. Diaz” , Richard Uzzell , William Martin , Lona Alias , Peter Tucker , Bruce Wolf , “” , jim Dingeman , Dgiuseffi , John Brinkley , Bob Young , WBAI LSB Finance Committee , Bob Lederer , william heerwagen , Stephen Howard , Ed Manfredonia , “” , Kenneth Laufer , Russell Dale ,,,,, Teresa Allen , Kim Kaufman , janet coleman , Carolyn Birden , Bill Crosier ,, Tracy Rosenberg , Summer Reese , Berthold GM Reimers ,
Dear Cerene, Jim Dingeman, et al.

I do not know why James Sagurton is threatening to sue a woman for defamation. Opinion must be based upon facts and, therefore, I have presented the facts as reported in the public record. Please note that I have provided a synopsis of the JUDGMENT OF CONVICTION. THIS IS A PUBLIC RECORD AND CANNOT BE LITIGATED IN CIVIL COURT.

The arrest and conviction of James Sagurton, as provided by the New Jersey Superior Court, Law Division- Criminal, Essex County.

SBI Number: 287906A
Date Indictment/Accusation Filed: 3/13/08
Original Plea: Not Guilty
Adjudication By: Guilty Plea
Date: 4/14/08

Original Charges
Ind/Acc No. Count Description Degree Statute
08-3-839 1 CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONTACT 4th 2C:14-3B

Final Charges
Count Description Degree Statute
1 Harassment (as amended) D.P. 2C:33-4

It is, therefore, on 4/14/08 ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the defendant is sentenced as follows:

Gary Null Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 7:54 AM
To: Ed Manfredonia
I am not familiar with this issue. Please provide the background story. thanks

From: Ed Manfredonia []
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 7:49 AM
To: youri; Abby Charles; Marcus Jetter;; Campbell Johnson; Robyn Holden; Stephen M Brown; Frank LeFever; Heather Gray; M Hernandez;; Oscar Fernandez; Luzette K; Keanna Faircloth; Benito A. Diaz; Richard Uzzell; William Martin; Lona Alias; Peter Tucker; Bruce Wolf;; jim Dingeman; Dgiuseffi; John Brinkley; Bob Young; WBAI LSB Finance Committee; Bob Lederer; william heerwagen; Stephen Howard; Ed Manfredonia;; Kenneth Laufer; Russell Dale;;;;; Teresa Allen; Kim Kaufman; janet coleman; Carolyn Birden; Bill Crosier;; Tracy Rosenberg; Summer Reese; Berthold GM Reimers;
Subject: conviction of james sagurton public record
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Ed Manfredonia Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:46 AM
To: Gary Null
Dear Gary:

Mitchel Cohen and Jim Dingeman have appointed James Sagurton to a position of leadership on the WBAI Community Advisory Board. Several individuals are upset because of Sagurton’s arrest record and his unrepentant behavior.

Approximately six months ago I was informed that Jim Dingeman, Chair of the WBAI Community Advisory Board, had told a confidant that James Sagurton had been arrested in New Jersey for improperly touching a 13 year old girl. I looked it up on the Internet and found an article about Sagurton’s arrest. I then spoke to several individuals at WBAI, but I was asked not to write about Sagurton’s arrest.

Several weeks ago, an active member of WBAI brought up Sagurton’s arrest at a WBAI Local Station Board meeting. When this woman brought up Sagurton’s arrest record, Sagurton threatened to sue her.

I was able to obtain a copy of Sagurton’s arrest record; and I stated that Sagurton could not sue his critic because she had merely reported the facts. Any opinion she may have is based on facts and, therefore, cannot be litigated.

I decided to make Sagurton’s arrest record public so that Sagurton will not attempt to intimidate this woman. Ed Manfredonia
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