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May 3, 2015

To John Gladney Proffitt et al:

I take no sides in the battle for control of WBAI and Pacifica.  I despise sex crimes and financial fraud.

In my last e-mail to you, I unintentionally truncated my final reply.  The vitriol desisted after I explained that I could have had Berthold Reimers arrested for shoving me.  It was only the knowledge that there was a higher authority than the NYPD that is interested in my being assaulted that stopped the nonsense.  This is a fight that WBAI cannot win; and truthfully has already lost.

It is important to note that those individuals, who have excoriated me in these e-mails, have covered up fraudulent financial transactions; and this cover up persists to this day.  Frank LeFever recently forwarded an e-mail from Pacifica in Exile.  In this e-mail the true cost to Pacifica of Bernard White’s lawsuit has been falsified.  The true cost was a minimum of $250,000 and I have been informed was actually $500,000 (Mitchel Cohen’s statement).  The deductible for the lawsuit (what Stephen M Brown, who has been sued for misrepresentation on several occasions, terms the self-insured retention) is, I believe, $250,000.  Please note that this does not include certain costs, such as the filing fees, court reporter, cost of depositions and reproduction, etc.

Why was the cost so high?  Because the WBAI Local Station Board, which at the time was controlled by the devotees of Stephen M Brown, who is worth in excess of $200 million, and Pacifica, which again was controlled by the devotees of Stephen M Brown, voted to  pay the legal fees of Stephen M Brown.  Of course, Stephen M Brown did not exactly tell the truth in this lawsuit.  Brown denied that he controlled the hiring process at WBAI.  But that is not true.

Stephen M Brown illegally accrued a benefit to himself by having his friends, Berthold Reimers, who was Chair of the WBAI LSB as a member of Brown’s slate; Andrea Katz, who was hired in total violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act; Alan Arthur Katz, the brother of Andrea Katz who was originally hired under the nom de plume of Alan Arthur in an effort to cover up his sibling relationship to Andrea Katz; etc, hired by WBAI.  Even though WBAI went through the motions of advertising the position of General Manager of WBAI- it was just that motions.  According to Mitchel Cohen, who was most assuredly in a position to know, Stephen M Brown wanted Berthold Reimers to be hired as General Manager of WBAI because Berthold Reimers was a supporter of Stephen M Brown and had served as Chair of the WBAI LSB.

Please pay attention to the information, which Mitchel Cohen has provided to me; it was done because of his dissatisfaction that Steve Brown wanted R Paul Martin to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.

As I have stated previously asking for one’s name to be deleted from my e-mail list, does not provide immunity from being held responsible for the information, which appears in my e-mails.

Below is the relevant portion of the e-mail, which I had inadvertently omitted.


Ed Manfredonia <> Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 9:29 AM
To: WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>, Abby Charles <>, Marcus Jetter <>, “” <>, Campbell Johnson <>, Robyn Holden <>, Stephen M Brown <>, Frank LeFever <>, Heather Gray <>, M Hernandez <>, “” <>, Oscar Fernandez <>, Luzette K <>, Keanna Faircloth <>, “Benito A. Diaz” <>, Richard Uzzell <>, William Martin <>, Lona Alias <>, Peter Tucker <>, Bruce Wolf <>, “” <>, jim Dingeman <>, Dgiuseffi <>, John Brinkley <>, Bob Young <>, Bob Lederer <>, william heerwagen <>, Stephen Howard <>, Ed Manfredonia <>, “” <>, Kenneth Laufer <>, Russell Dale <>,,,,, Teresa Allen <>, Kim Kaufman <>, Bill Crosier <>, Janis Lane-Ewart <>, Tracy Rosenberg <>, Summer Reese <>
Dear All:

[Quoted text hidden]

[Quoted text hidden]

.Dear All:

As I have recounted in a previous riposte to criticisms about me on this e-mail thread, Mitchel Cohen was a primary source for information concerning accounting fraud at WBAI and Pacifica.  Cohen provided me with this information because after Cohen’s tenure as Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board, Stephen M Brown refused to appoint Cohen to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.  Ergo, much of the accounting fraud, such as the fraudulent accounting for legal expenses, was provided by Mitchel Cohen.  This was especially true when I recounted the sum of $250,000 as the true cost to defend Stephen M Brown against Bernard White’s lawsuit.  Cohen provided the sum of $500,000 as the cost to Pacifica; so, I merely divided by 2 to obtain the $250,000 cost of defending Stephen M Brown.

I explained to Mitchel Cohen that I had placed the American Stock Exchange out of business.  We had a discussion and I explained that the BusinessWeek articles and letters to a federal judge about price fixing had prevented foreign stock exchanges from purchasing the AMEX.  I told Mitchel that I could have Pacifica and WBAI audited by the Internal Revenue Service with the information that he had provided and that this financial blow could help put WBAI out of business.  (I used the term bankruptcy instead of insolvency.  Technically, WBAI cannot be bankrupt because it is a division of Pacifica and not independent.)

I do not lie and if I state that Mitchel Cohen provided me with information because Stephen M Brown did not want Mitchel to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, it is true.  How else would I have known that Mitchel Cohen wanted to be Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee?  How would I have known about the cost of the lawsuit?

You should ask yourselves:  How did Manfredonia come to possess this nonpublic information?

Carolyn Birden and Mitchel Cohen are seeking to have me banned from the meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board because I have written about a public document, i.e., James R Sagurton’s judgment of conviction.  Meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board must be open according to provisions of the Communications Act.  The problem is that the Stephen M Brown Group desires to operate WBAI as if it were a private company.

Let us get everything straight for the record.  In the incident at 388 Atlantic Avenue I telephoned the NYPD because Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, (after screaming “fuck you” and “get the fuck out of my office” when I questioned him concerning not only if Steve Brown had a financial interest in the call center; but also about the illegal hire of Andrea Katz and the excessive cost of premiums for donations) shoved me from behind with a binder.  Somehow, the individuals at WBAI believe that they can violate both federal and state laws; but, they cannot.  That is the problem.

I telephoned the NYPD as I have been instructed to do.  The police did not speak to me when they arrived; they spoke to Berthold Reimers and Mitchel Cohen.  Mitchel Cohen had no position at WBAI and should not have been involved in the conversation.  I could have had Berthold arrested, but I chose not to do so because he has a family to support.  Berthold’s life would have been ruined and I did not desire to do that.  Currently I do not care if Berthold’s life is ruined; Berthold has engaged in fraudulent accounting.  His motive may have been to keep WBAI in business; but, in the long run WBAI will be out of business and the debts, which WBAI has incurred, will place Pacifica in crisis.

As for being readmitted to 388 Atlantic Avenue, it is moot because I am unable to walk there- and for another reason; otherwise, I would have been readmitted.

But should you decide to ban me from any public meetings, which are protected by the Communications Act, I will litigate the matter in federal court.  Pacifica will lose and the ensuing “blowback” from Pacifica’s acceptance of Pedophilia and the theft of money will probably spell the end of WBAI.  Furthermore, I will request that the Court appoint, at WBAI’s expense, a monitor to ensure that the provisions of the Communications Act are obeyed.

Mitchel Cohen does not desire my presence at meetings of the WBAI Local Station Board for reasons that are known to both Mitchel Cohen and me.  At the 12 November 2014 meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board, Mitchel Cohen harassed me.  Cohen moved my cane and my bag; removed some items from my bag; and harassed me.  He also edited a tape recording of my telling him to leave me alone.  If you do not believe that he edited my remarks, which were unfavorable to him, here are is one question, which was redacted:

  1.  How is your daughter, for whom you refused to pay child support?

Afterwards Mitchel Cohen posted a redacted version of that harassment and then sent out an e-mail blast in which Cohen boasted that his recording was made to discredit me because I had written letters to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Internal Revenue Service- as Carolyn Birden had taunted me to do.  Here is Birden’s quote:

If you are accusing someone of crimes whether sexual or financial and not reporting them to the authorities, you are liable under the law for not having done so. Of course if your reports are incoherent, they will not be taken seriously. If they are malicious, they will be addressed as they, and you, deserve. 

Various agencies of the federal government and, of course, the Attorney General of the State of California, have been notified of Mitchel Cohen’s actions; and, that is not a good thing.  Especially because Mitchel Cohen has not reported that he is receiving money and not declaring this income.

Carolyn Birden and Mitchel Cohen do not care about the expenses incurred by WBAI.  Witness the $250,000 expense, which Pacifica incurred for defending Stephen M Brown’s personal actions against Bernard White.  It is not their money.

Eventually, I will rectify the matter with the NYPD because Mitchel Cohen has featured his redacted version of my eviction from the premises of WBAI at 388 Atlantic Avenue.  I telephoned 911 as I had been instructed to do.  I did not make that second call to have Berthold arrested.



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