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May 4, 2015

John Gladney Proffitt:

The only problem with Stephen M Brown’s statement about me is that, as Brown knows, the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes me.  Yes, the FBI, which many at WBAI regard as the source of all evil, knows that I do not lie.

Let us have some truth for a moment.  I telephoned the NYPD after Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, shoved me from behind.  The NYPD officers, who responded, refused to interview me; they interviewed Mitchel Cohen and Berthold Reimers in a closed room.  I do not know what was said and the NYPD refused to take my complaint.  The NYPD escorted me out because it was the easy way out.  But that will eventually be rectified.

As I have stated previously I could have made another phone call and had Berthold Reimers arrested.  I did not.  But next time I will.

As for Steve Brown and his pornography background, Jim Dingeman and Mitchel Cohen both stated to me that Steve Brown had been a porn actor and producer of pornography.  A little research turned up that Brown had been involved in the distribution of pornography as well.

But you must remember that Steve Brown has never denied being a Pornography Entrepreneur.  As for being a Mafia associate, I did not state that.  I stated that he had connections with the Italian Mafia from his days in pornography.

If Steve Brown wishes to deny that he was involved in pornography, then he can state that; Brown is free to deny that he was involved in pornography.  But that would mean that he lied to his friends, Mitchel Cohen and Jim Dingeman.

But Cohen and Dingeman were not my only sources; others at WBAI knew of Steve Brown’s involvement in pornography.  And there were outside sources as well.

As for Stephen M Brown’s financial machinations, Brown has used his influence to hire Andrea Katz and her brother Alan Arthur Katz- in violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.  Brown was also responsible for the hire of Berthold Reimers as General Manager of WBAI.

But it is Steve Brown, who is a liar.  Under oath Brown stated that he was not responsible for hiring individuals at WBAI.  Yet, Brown was responsible for the hire of Andrea Katz and Alan Arthur Katz.

Then there is the alleged $30,000 loan- a blatant instance of accounting fraud.  There is no record of this loan, which supposedly financed the hire of Andrea Katz.  The loan was not entered into the financial records; and, therefore, both R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, and Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, stated to members of the WBAI Finance Committee that the loan had been made and repaid.  But the loan was never declared in the financial statements- as was required because Steve Brown was on the Local Station Board of WBAI.

Then there is something even more interesting about this alleged $30,000 loan.  Both Mitchel Cohen and Jim Dingeman stated that there was no $30,000 loan.  Cohen and Dingeman stated that this sum of $30,000 was the amount, which Steve Brown expended to take over WBAI.  So it is readily apparent that when it comes to the truth, Steve Brown is not dealing with a full deck- unless it the deck of cards consists only of Jokers.

As for Carolyn Birden, she is most assuredly not decorous.  Carolyn Birden has defended the Pedophilia of R Paul Martin, who likes 10 year old boys.  Birden has also demanded the reinstatement of Sydney Smith, who was observed viewing what appeared to be child pornography in the studio.  Birden had even called for the termination of Berthold Reimers as General Manager of WBAI, if Berthold did not reinstate Sydney Smith.

Carolyn Birden is so ignorant of legal principles that she stated that I had denigrated and defamed James R Sagurton by posting his arrest for criminal contact 4th degree, which was reduced to Harassment.  That is a public document and reproduction of a public document is neither defamation nor denigration.

Carolyn Birden, Mitchel Cohen and Berthold Reimers went on a rant when I posted the first of two convictions of James R Sagurton.  No one said anything about the second conviction.  These three stalwarts have called for banning me from all meetings of WBAI committees because I have the temerity to expose fraud at WBAI.  As for Mitchel Cohen please ask him why he refused to pay child support for his daughter; and you would take the word of someone, who refused to support his daughter.

As for my allegations of financial fraud, my allegations have been proved.  That is why the Internal Revenue Service audited Pacifica.  As for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the CPB determined independently of me, but later acknowledged that my information was correct that WBAI and Pacifica had improperly accounted for premiums and donations.

As for financial fraud:  Now it is incumbent upon you, John Gladney Proffitt, to restate the cost of the Bernard White lawsuit.  The true cost was $500,000- and this must be stated and broken out in the financial statements.  This sum has not been entered correctly into the financial statements and attributed to the Bernard White lawsuit.

You can believe Steve Brown, who was sanctioned in numerous states for false advertising.  Or you can believe me.  But please note that BusinessWeek said that I was a bona fide whistleblower.  No one can say that about Steve Brown.


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