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June 18, 2015


Very few times in life does one meet a scumbag liar like Carolyn Birden.  (I call her a scumbag liar because Birden lies to protect Pedophiles.)

Here is an excerpt from one of Birden’s lie.  What is notable about this lie is that Birden lied in an e-mail and the entire WBAI Local Station Board knew that Birden was lying.

The following statement is especially scurrilous, and probably libelous:

“As you are aware, WBAI was forced to move from the broadcasting studios at CUNY on Convent Avenue because Sydney Smith was allegedly found watching child pornography on a computer in the broadcasting studio of CUNY.  (That information came from CUNY.)   CUNY used the term allegedly and stated that the NYPD and CUNY security were informed; and Sydney Smith was banned from CUNY. ”   

WBAI was NOT forced to move from CUNY for the reason EM mentions:  the police were called to the studios, much to the discredit of the WBAI personnel who ignored the CUNY security force and called the NYPD, and found nothing illegal or actionable on the computer in question.  The statement “that information came from CUNY” is false so far as I and the LSB know.  The actions taken against Sydney Smith were and probably still are actionable, as no legal basis for them has been presented to the board (of which I am a member).  Like most of Manfredonia’s other statements, this one too is untrue and meant to damage some people while burnishing Manfredonia’s reputation.

Here is my e-mail response, which was provided to CUNY:

Please note that Carolyn Birden lied because the WBAI Local Station Board had been notified that CCNY had demanded that WBAI move out of the CCNY offices after Sydney Smith, a WBAI volunteer, was found allegedly watching child pornography.  This had been widely discussed by individuals at WBAI.  Jim Dingeman, Chair of the WBAI Community Advisory Board, said that WBAI was being forced to move out of CCNY because of the actions of Sydney Smith- and Dingeman made this comment at a meeting of the WBAI Community Advisory Board in November 20014.

But Frederick Schaffer, Vice Chancellor of CUNY for Legal Affairs, wrote in a letter, dated 8 April 2015, to me:

“that in July 2014 a person named Sydney Smith, a volunteer working for WBAI, was observed viewing what appeared to be child pornography on a computer in the studio.  The matter was promptly referred to the Public Safety Department, which in turn referred it to the New York City Police Department.  Mr. Smith was immediately discharged by WBAI.”

That Birden can lie when the truth, i.e. that WBAI was ordered to vacate the premises of CCNY because Sydney Smith was observed viewing what appeared to be child pornography on a computer in the studio, proves that Birden is a scumbag liar because she defends individuals, who are Pedophiles.

At a meeting of the WBAI Community Advisory Board Jim Dingeman said that Sydney Smith was a bigger Pedophile than R Paul Martin, who is a Preferential Pedophile.

Incidentally, it was Jim Dingeman, who once said that Sydney Smith was a bigger pedophile than R Paul Martin.  Those are Dingeman’s words, not mine.


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