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July 13, 2015


I have received several memos concerning the research of Andrew Wakefield.  Allegedly Wakefield linked the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine to regressive autism and bowel disease.

There have been numerous studies, which have found no link between autism and bowel disease and the MMR vaccine.

Let us examine the relationship statistically.  Using a confidence level of approximately two standard deviations (1.96), we would obtain a confidence level of approximately 5%.  Yet of the numerous studies, which have been done, not one has replicated the results of Wakefield.

To simplify the explanation using two standard deviations we would expect that approximately one research study in 20 (5%) would duplicate the results of Wakefield’s alleged independent study.  Yet no study has duplicated his results.

Furthermore, it is a contaminated vaccine, which causes diseases such as encephalitis and not the vaccine itself.

Steve Brown of WBAI Local Station Board has stated that Gary Null should be able to present his views on WBAI and Pacifica radio stations.  But Null’s views are wrong.

Brown has mentioned the incident involving Vioxx, a product of Merck.  Yet, it was statistical studies, which proved that Vioxx caused a higher incidence of heart disease.  This was proved by independent studies.

Ergo, an individual, such as Steve Brown, cannot laud statistical analysis to prove that Vioxx caused heart disease and then discount the statistical analysis, which proves that MMR vaccine does not cause autism.

Steve Brown has quoted Sullivan v NY Times in his discussion of defamation.  Yet, Brown knows that many Supreme Court decisions have restricted Sullivan v NY Times.  Furthermore, there is no malice involved in stating that Gary Null is not an expert on such topics as the MMR Vaccine, Autism, HIV, etc.- simply stated Gary Null is not an expert.

Regarding the statement that Gary Null earns millions from his presence on WBAI; that is true.  Null sells his premiums to WBAI at a price exceeding their cost.  For example:  Null sells a DVD to WBAI for $15 and the DVD costs $1.25 to produce- according to estimates obtained and printed in e-mails.

That Gary Null does not accept royalties on his books does not matter; Null sells the books to WBAI for more than the cost to produce the books.

As I have stated previously Proskauer Rose sued me for defamation when I stated that Pat Schettino had traded illegally.  I won the lawsuit and this gave rise to the award winning BusinessWeek article, Scandal On Wall Street.  Ergo, I know something about defamation lawsuits.

Gary Null can initiate a lawsuit against anyone; but then there is discovery.  And Null will lose.

The lies of Carolyn Birden and Steve Brown will only serve to destroy WBAI- something which has already occurred.  But certainly if Birden and Brown continue on their self-serving pursuit, WBAI will be insolvent and its license sold.


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