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August 23, 2015


There is something wrong with Jim Dingeman’s mind.  It could be dementia, but more probably Jim Dingeman had spent some time on a dairy farm in his youth.

Jim Dingeman seems very good at slinging bullshit.  This must have come from experience shaping cow chips into a discus and then throwing the cow chip discus.  Perhaps there is a work of art, “Jim Dingeman Cow Chip Thrower,” in a museum.

Alternatively, Jim Dingeman could have been inhaling too much methane gas in the dairy barn from all those cows passing gas.

Dingeman in his recent posts always links me with Marsha.  Marsha and I do not connect that frequently.  As I told Jim Dingeman on 2 August 2015 at a meeting of the WBAI Community Advisory Board, I wrote to CUNY concerning Sydney Smith and his viewing of what apparently was child pornography.  I had known about the child pornography for months as I had known about the nonpayment of rent.  The Sydney Smith imbroglio had been discussed at meetings of the WBAI Community Advisory Board and at a meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board.  Furthermore, WBAI was not evicted one month prior to its deadline.  The deadline for WBAI to evacuate the premises of CUNY’s broadcasting studio had been originally been given as 30 September 2014 and WBAI “squatted” without paying rent for many months.  (The term “squatted” was used by R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.)

Marsha was very upset that I had written the letter to CUNY.  Marsha did not provide me with the information- yet; many people have accused Marsha of writing the letter.  The killers at WBAI blame a female senior citizen, who walks with a cane for writing a letter, which I had written.  Why?  When I announced at the 2 August 2015 meeting of the WBAI Community Advisory Board that I had sent the letter, which discussed Sydney Smith, to the Chancellor’s Office at CUNY, no one in the peanut gallery said anything.  Marsha had nothing to do with this letter.

Yet, you continue to blame Marsha after I had stated that I had authored the letter.  Here are your dissembling words:

“Some little birds complained to cuny and cost us a move out one month before we were supposed to. In addition that stunt cost us money…other stunts have cost Wbai money in their Scarlett letter type approach to righting wrongs.”

I alone authored and mailed that letter via certified mail.  I wish it to be understood in absolute terms, I would never involve Marsha in any of my “crusading” letters.  So please leave Marsha alone.

Please do not continually repeat the lie of “cost us a move out one month before we were supposed to.”  WBAI had no intention of moving out; they knew that CUNY broadcasting could not report this incident to the Chancellor’s office.  Ergo, legal proceedings could not be initiated to evict WBAI.

Here you are once again slinging cow chips:

“Nobody involved in Pacifica is beyond reproach, including myself. I find the constant attacks on Mitchell, Carolyn,Jim,Steve and others offensive and abusive.”

You  are lying.  The abuse began with Carolyn Birden; she attacked me for being opposed to Pedophilia.  And her relentless attacks never stop.  I post James R Sagurton’s arrest and conviction in New Jersey, and this fool Birden attacks me by stating that I defamed Sagurton.  Mitchel wrote that Sagurton was upfront and that this was the first time that he had molested a female teenager.  Perhaps in Essex County, but otherwise that was a lie.  Sagurton admitted to other arrests.  And what about Sagurton exposing his penis as people were exiting a movie theater.

Birden screams ban him. Mitchel lies about what happened at 388 Atlantic Avenue- but that is all lies and the feds know it.

As for Mitchel Cohen, he is a fool.  Cohen moved my plastic carry bag; took letters from the bag; and sat in my seat.  Cohen then proceeded to taunt me about sitting in my seat.  He can lie all that he wants; but why did he move my bag.  There were other seats.

As for Steve Brown, well he is a real low-life.  You and Mitchel told me that he was a porn actor and producer.  (Yes, I slipped that question into the conversations.)

What do you expect me to do?  Permit Carolyn Birden and Steve Brown lie?  Get real.

You are not beyond reproach.  Whenever I would ask you why my name was not on the e-mail list of the Community Advisory Board, you would call me an asshole or say fuck you.  I would reply in kind.  If I remember I will make it more personal next time.  I have a right to be on the WBAI e-mail list.  You are such a fool that you have refused to name the members of the WBAI Community Advisory Board.

You live in a fantasy world.  Here is your statement about the incident in 120 Wall Street.

“In my case Ed decided one night to push me on his accusation of me defending pedophiles. I do not play on that issue with anybody.”

That statement is such a lie that it is in Carolyn Birden territory.  I did not say anything to you.  You were upset that I had written a post on my blog in which I stated that you had defended Pedophilia- which you continue to do.  Remember your words on the Sydney Smith impasse.  You lied and stated that he was looking at the penis of an adult male.  You lied and that is supporting Pedophilia.

You brought up my blog.  You then threatened to throw me out of a window.  I replied that you could not do it.

You told me that you could.  I said that you could try it.

You then told me that you were a killer.

I replied that you were not a killer.

You said that you were.

I replied that you could kill me.

To me you are an overweight piece fool, who brags of being a killer.  You have openly stated that you would like to kill Bernard and his supporters with a machine gun.

You are fuckin’ nuts.  Just like the other idiots on the WBAI Local Station Board.

Robert Steven Young has boasted that he knows Teamsters, who could take care of me and that he could beat me in a fight.

Here is an incident, which occurred when Mitchel Cohen was Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board and Berthold Reimers was General Manager of WBAI.  Cohen and Reimers hired some thug to intimidate me.  It didn’t work.  Hell, I began to write to more agencies.  What?  You expected me to run away from the killers in the Steve Brown Group.

You and your friends are a nothing but a pile of cow chips.  Grow up.

If your friends had not stolen money, I would not have gone to the Internal Revenue Service.  And I did not- at first.  But R Paul Martin, a Pervert, and Carolyn Birden, this really stupid woman, taunted me.

And now you have problems because other individuals (not Marsha) have provided me with information.

And Steve Brown is pulling the strings and Steve Brown is not going to take the fall.  Ed Manfredonia wishes you good luck.


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