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August 28, 2015


I do not know what is wrong with Carolyn Birden.  Birden must be suffering from some chronic brain disorder.  Birden is also a chronic liar.  And to prove that Carolyn Birden is mentally deficient, I will quote from her latest e-mail:

Because of his statements about Sidney Smith, I accused Manfredonia of homophobia at one point, and he responded that since he had been in a committed relationship for many, many years with a former college roommate, my accusation was pointless

CUNY informed me that that Sydney Smith had been apprehended apparently watching child porn; ergo if Carolyn Birden wishes to accuse anyone of homophobia, it should be the General Counsel of CUNY who wrote to me about the incident.  It is true that I wrote to CUNY about this incident; but it was CUNY who confirmed the incident.

And how in God’s name did Carolyn Birden ever conjure up the statement:  responded that since he had been in a committed relationship for many, many years with a former college roommate, my accusation was pointless.  I never said that I was in a committed relationship for many, many years with a former college roommate.  So where is the statement that I am a homosexual.

I said that I had lived with a homosexual for 15 (now 16) years.  That does not mean that I am a homosexual.  Apparently, Carolyn Birden is so brain dead that she believes I am a homosexual because my friend is a homosexual and I have lived with him for many years.

My friend is my friend and I have never discriminated against anyone because of sexual orientation.  He is my friend.

Obviously Carolyn Birden has lied.  I could not respond to a false statement that Ed is a homosexual with the statement that I am in a committed relationship with a man.  Carolyn Birden is nuts and a liar.

Let us then examine her statement:  The “pedophilia”accusations came when Manfredonia made an accusation, during a WBAI public comment time, about another WBAI member.   RPaul objected to the comment.  I also objected publicly to his statement  

Once again Birden is a fabulist..  I made the statement that R Paul Martin was a Pedophile in an e-mail because he attacked me and demonstrated his lack of education.  I did not state that R Paul supported Pedophilia at this time.  I made that statement later; on this occasion I stated that Martin was a sex pervert because he was a Pedophile.  But R Paul Martin is a Pedophile; he is interested in the penises of 10 year old boys.  He rants against the government because the government will not let him contact 10 year old boys on the internet.

Most importantly R Paul Martin has never denied that he is a Pedophile.  Martin is a mentally ill individual, who likes 10 year old boys.  And Martin has never objected to my terming him a Pedophile; so Birden’s statement that R Paul Martin objected is a lie.

I did not attack R Paul Martin at the meeting to which you refer.  You were upset because I had mentioned at a CAB meeting that some members of the WBAI Local Station Board were “motherfuckers,” who lied.

As for writing about children, Birden is an embarrassment to everyone.  Has anyone forgotten her ad hominem attacks upon me when I published the first of James R Sagurton’s arrests and convictions.  Sagurton touched a 13 year old girl’s buttocks and was found guilty of sexual harassment, which was downgraded from Criminal Sexual Contact 4th Degree.  That is defending a Pedophile; the girl was a minor.

Berthold Reimers, who has been “cooking the books” at WBAI had me evicted.  I was evicted because I called the NYPD.  But Berthold had assaulted me; the NYPD officers, who responded were too lazy and incompetent to do anything.

Keep repeating the lie about my eviction.  I am going to enjoy another investigation into WBAI.

Now who called me out?  Nobody.  Dingeman tried once and it did not work.  Nobody has called me out.

Birden called me out?  When?  Remember Birden’s attorney, who removed herself from the lawsuit because Birden wanted to play lawyer with her?  Birden is a fool with no knowledge of business and law.  Birden has never attacked me at a meeting- except once when she called me a liar.  Then, I quoted her statement.  That was the time that Birden was willing to sacrifice Alex Steinberg.  Steinberg?  Steinberg fighting me.  I still remember when Robert Steve Young, after boasting that he could beat me denied that he had a problem with me.  If young does, he can throw a punch.  Good luck fighting a cripple.

Carolyn Birden termed me a Homophobe because I wrote that R Paul Martin was a pervert because he was a Pedophile.  Birden never wrote that I was a Homophobe because I had written about Sydney Smith (CUNY’s version of Sidney).

Birden has accused me of lying.  About what have I lied?  Birden has defended Pedophiles- and it was Jim Dingeman, who first stated that Sydney Smith was a bigger Pedophile than R Paul Martin.   When I was first informed that Sydney Smith was evicted from CUNY for watching child pornography, the statement rang true.  And once again Birden is defending Pedophiles- on this occasion Sydney Smith, and not R Paul Martin.  So sayeth:  Ed Manfredonia


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