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August 29, 2015
Ed Manfredonia <>
Mitchel Cohen takes from WBAI and of course lies like Steve Brown
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Ed Manfredonia <> Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 7:31 PM
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John Proffitt et al:

Once again Mitchel Cohen lies as always.

Let me explain Mitchel’s misappropriation of WBAI’s materials.  The information came from several friends of Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI.  On numerous occasions these individuals went to the office of Berthold Reimers at 388 Atlantic Avenue.  These individuals were very surprised that whenever they went to Berthold’s office, there was a fellow, who stayed in the office the entire duration of their visit.  These fellows told me that the individual, whom they did not know and whom Berthold did not introduce, was using the phone, using the computer, using the printer, etc.- and this occurred every time that they went to the office.  These are the individuals, who told me that Berthold paid for Mitchel’s coffee.   Mitchel, if you paid for Berthold’s coffee, then where and how did you obtain the money?

Mitchel Cohen did steal some papers from me.  Mitchel Cohen decided that he would taunt me and move my belongings.  I have since been told that Mitchel’s moving my items for no reason could be interpreted as an assault.  Better luck next time, Mitchel.

Then we have his abandoned daughter.  Mitchel never denied that he had abandoned his daughter; he did.  Mitchel Cohen fled to California to avoid paying child support.

As for his Cuba connection, Cohen did receive financial support from the Cuban government.  Cohen had a free trip, free meals, free money, and this came from his good friend, Robert Steven Young, a real jerk.

Please notice that Mitchel Cohen has used the standard repertoire of Steve Brown, when Brown refuses to deny that he was a Pornography Entrepreneur:  Ahhhh, if only …. !

But this can be interpreted to mean either his daughter or Cuba.

Cohen is a freeloader, who takes whatever he wants.

Mitchel wants another investigation of WBAI.  Don’t worry; you will get one.  Good luck from Ed Manfredonia


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