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August 30, 2015
Ed Manfredonia <> Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 1:25 PM
To: alanson charles <>

Cc: Gary Evans <>, Bernard White <>, Tracy Rosenberg <>, Cerene Roberts <>, Abby Charles <>, Marcus Jetter <>, Robyn Holden <>, Frank LeFever <>, Heather Gray <>, M Hernandez <>, “” <>, Oscar Fernandez <>, Luzette K <>, Keanna Faircloth <>, “Benito A. Diaz” <>, Richard Uzzell <>, William Martin <>, Lona Alias <>, Peter Tucker <>, Bruce Wolf <>, “” <>, jim Dingeman <>, Dgiuseffi <>, John Brinkley <>, Bob Young <>, WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>, Bob Lederer <>, william heerwagen <>, Stephen Howard <>, “” <>, Kenneth Laufer <>, Russell Dale <>, Veronica Faisant <>,, Janee Taylor <>, Terry Guy <>, Teresa Allen <>, Kim Kaufman <>, Bill Crosier <>, Janis Lane-Ewart <>, Summer Reese <>, cfo <>, John Proffitt <>, secretary <>, Stephen M Brown <>, “Tracy Rosenberg Margy Wilkinson” <>, John Gladney Proffitt <>, Don DeBar <>, “Scooter, , MELISSA ENNEN <>, Kevin Keating <>, James Sagurton <>, Carl Makower <>, Joseph Harney <>, <>, Jack Depalma <>, Jack Shalom <>,” <>, “Scooter, , MELISSA ENNEN <>, Kevin Keating <>, James Sagurton <>, Carl Makower <>, Joseph Harney <>, <>, Jack Depalma <>, Jack Shalom <>,” <>, Reggie Johnson <>, Steve Brown <>, Melissa Ernst <>, Anita Hawkins <>, Otis Maclay <>, janet coleman <>, john garry <>, Omar Pi El Burdet <>, Sequoia Mercier <>, israelfeuer <>, Reza Pour <>, Bella De Soto <>, yudamaan <>, Israel Feuer <>, Steve Cohen <>, Dave Johnson <>, Marla Bernstein <>, Christine Peres-Pena <>, cris cebada <>, Thomas Halle <>, Moe Mansouri <>, Fernando Roldan <>, Dan Nowman <>, Bill Benton <>, Mike Madani <>, Cuco Esperansa <>, Jan Goodman <>, Rob Macon <>, “” <>, Quincy McCoy <>, Efren Llarinas <>, Jon Almeleh <>

Lance et al:

It is not anger.  WBAI has been taken over by the Steve Brown Group, which does not care about the survival of WBAI.  To illustrate:  When I said that WBAI and Pacifica had violated Not for Profit law, R Paul Martin, Carolyn Birden, Mitchel Cohen et al taunted me to report WBAI and Pacifica to the Internal Revenue Service.

How stupid could they be to taunt me to report tax fraud by WBAI- especially, when Mitchel Cohen provided me with the information concerning accounting fraud- because he was upset with Steve Brown and R Paul Martin?

Now, let me put that in perspective.  I was a member of the American Stock Exchange for more than 7 years.  I made markets in derivatives (equity and index options).  My career vanished when I reported a member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange for rape.  Some individuals taunted me to put the Amex out of business.  I could not do that because Arthur Levitt, Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission; Alan Greenberg, CEO of Bear Stearns; and Robert Morgenthau, New York County District Attorney, prevented that from occurring.  Note:  The FBI proved that members of the Board of the Amex were smuggling cocaine, laundering drug money, and were participating in a stock fraud with the Italian Mafia.

Eventually when the Amex was up for sale, I knew that I could prevent the sale to a foreign entity.  I told my friends, whose livelihood was at stake, what I planned to do.  They said:  Go ahead.  I did and the Amex was sold not for $1 billion, but for $250 million to the NYSE.  The members, who taunted me, lost $700,000 for every seat on the Amex that they owned.

Martin, Birden and Cohen do not have an investment in WBAI and therefore do not care if WBAI becomes insolvent.  They want to prove that they are tough guys- but to the wrong individual.

There is neither anger nor hatred involved; this is a matter of right and wrong.

To provide another example.  Milton Allimadi, publisher of The Black Star News and a friend of several WBAI LSB members, scammed blacks, who had been convicted of felonies.  That angered me.  But there was little that I could do about that crime.  But Milton Allimadi embezzled approximately $1 million from the coffers of The Black Star News.  When Allimadi attempted to involve me in his scams, I exposed his scam to the advertisers.  The result:  No more Black Star News.

And the only media outlet, which is favorable to Milton Allimadi, is WBAI.

I did not ask for this fight.  It was thrust upon me. If I did not back down from the Russian Mob, which murdered Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann, how could these fools expect me to back down from them  Hier stehe ich.  Ich kann nicht anders.  Gott helfe mir.  Ed Manfredonia in thanks to Martin Luther.

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