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October 3, 2015

“Who will rid me of this troublesome…”

Well, you could always call Mikhail, a Russian gangster who had Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann murdered.  Al Chalem took over Harbor Securities, whose CEO was Warren Sulmasy and whose second in command was Guy Velardi, who is currently deceased.  The Russian gangsters were running the stock frauds out of Harbor.

Al Chalem even had his good friend, Michael Frayler who had been a member of the New York Stock Exchange and at the time had pleaded guilty to violation of federal securities law, employed as a risk analyst  at Harbor Securities.

Prior to Velardi’s ascension to second in command at Harbor Securities, Shea Halligan of San Francisco was the second in command.  Halligan resigned because Warren Sulmasy would not share money from the stocks.

When Harbor Securities went out of business, $4 million disappeared.

Regardless I have received death threats from the Russian Mob; I was spoofed out of numbers from Forest Hills 718 261 ….

So if you want:  “Who will rid me of this troublesome….” Call Mikhail.  I am certain that he would like to be of assistance.

Who knows?  Perhaps someone will speak to me on my next foray to Forest Hills.


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