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October 26, 2015


I have elucidated upon the conflicting goals of Forbes magazine in permitting Gary Weiss, a disgraced reporter for BusinessWeek, to author a column.  Weiss had covered up for the Russian Mob in his article, A Message From The Mob, when he knowingly and willfully lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.

After Chalem and Lehmann were murdered, I gave Weiss a copy of a tape recording of Guy Velardi.  In this recording, which was made in March 1999, Velardi said that the Mafia (Italian) was not involved in Harbor Securities.  Velardi said:  “It is something else.”  Velardi was interrupted when Joel Lovett, former Chair of the American Stock Exchange, approached him.

In this tape Velardi stated that Bill Toll, an original investor in Harbor Securities, had pulled his money out of Harbor Securities because he did not like what was going on.

Shear Halligan, a close friend of Warren Sulmasy, left Harbor Securities because he did not like what was going on.

Al Santamaria had told Guy Velardi that he was angry because Warren was keeping the money for himself.  Later, Santamaria expressed relief at leaving Harbor Securities because he said that you never know who these fellows would kill.  (This was confirmed by Gene Weissman, who had numerous sources at Harbor Securities.)

Why would Gary Weiss lie when he had a tape recording of Guy Velardi, who assisted Warren Sulmasy in the operation of Harbor Securities?  The answer to this question lies with Seymour Zucker, senior editor at BusinessWeek, who traded stocks, including stocks hyped by Maier Lehmann.  Feivel Gottlieb, an American Stock Exchange seat owner, passed information on stocks to Seymour Zucker.

Weiss lied because he did not wish to expose the machinations of the members of Aish Kodesh, a synagogue in Woodmere, NY, in the stock frauds of Maier Lehmann.

And where is Gary Weiss today?

Teaching at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, which apparently likes to hire those individuals who cover up for the Russian Mob.

More in some later articles.


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