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November 8, 2015


Chris Albertson writes a blog about WBAI.  Albertson has defended R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee.  Albertson has urged Martin to sue me for libel.

But Albertson knows nothing of the law.  Truth is an absolute defense for libel.  Martin is a Preferential Pedophile and a member of NAMBLA.  All Pedophiles are Sociopaths.

But Martin’s sociopathy is readily evident at meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee.  Martin does not possess a higher degree.  Yet, he believes that he is smarter than everyone, who attends meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee.  Martin studies the minutiae of Roberts’ Rules of Order.  Martin believes that he is so smart that he can make up laws and ordinances.

But it is readily apparent that Martin has serious deficiencies in cognitive ability.  While he has studied astronomy, he could not apply the formula for the area of a circle to a simple problem.  When he does not know something, he makes up facts.  And for some unusual reason, not only does Martin know nothing of accounting, but he has been unable to learn a few principles of accounting in his studies.  (I suppose that accounting is not a subject, which might interest 10 year old boys and will not assist Martin in contacting 10 year old boys.)

But why would Chris Albertson defend a known Preferential Pedophile, who has assisted in the destruction of WBAI?  That is the question.


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