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February 8, 2016
Gary Null’s lawsuit
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Ed Manfredonia <> Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 7:40 PM
To:, Ed Manfredonia <>
Dear All:


If Gary Null initiates a lawsuit against Pacifica Foundation Radio a counter suit will result.  The lawsuit will allege that Gary Null initiated benefits for WBAI and that Gary Null did so without the permission of WBAI.  It will also be alleged that these benefits yielded very little financial support for WBAI; but rather that most of the money approximately 90%, if Berthold Reimers is to be believed, was used to rent the meeting place; pay for employees of the meeting place to work at the benefit; and that the premiums, which were offered by Gary Null, resulted in an exorbitant cost.


Berthold Reimers estimated that the Gary Null benefit at the Westside Church resulted in a $10 donation to WBAI- this out of a cost of $99.


Furthermore, Pacifica can request an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine if there existed a business relationship between Gary Null and Stephen M Brown.  Also, an investigation can be requested to determine if Carolyn Birden had received payments from Stephen M Brown for editorial work.  If this were true, and I do not know if it is, it would cause great problems for the Stephen M Brown Group.


Pacifica can also request an investigation into the hiring of Andrea Katz by Berthold Reimers.  Please note that Mitchel Cohen had only criticized Berthold Reimers and Andrea Katz after Cohen had a falling out with Stephen M Brown.


Another defense to the illegal pirating of DVDs would be that Gary Null announced that the DVD would be presented to all individuals, who donated money to the fundraiser, and that the amount charged for the DVD, which was offered without the approval of WBAI (if Berthold did not approve the fundraiser), was being offered at an exorbitant price.


Simply put I do not believe that Gary Null and Stephen M Brown would desire that the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate the relationship between Pacifica (especially WBAI), Gary Null and Stephen M Brown- especially because WBAI has become the equivalent of the Home Shopping Network for Gary Null.


I do not believe that Stephen M Brown would want the FBI to investigate him in a manner equivalent to having a huge flashlight placed roughly into his transverse colon; yes it would be a huge discomfiture to shed light on his business deals.


That being said it is a violation of federal law to illegally copy DVDs- and to ship them via the United States Postal Service.


I would be willing to bet that Stephen M Brown knows the identity of the member of the WBAI Community Advisory Board who illegally copied the DVDs; but that this individual did not appear in the lawsuit because Mitchel Cohen, a true coward, could provide more information.


These fellows like to play poker.  Call their bluff.


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