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February 8, 2016
A lawsuit will expose Steve Brown and his duplicity
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Ed Manfredonia <> Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 11:03 PM
To:, Ed Manfredonia <>, Pacifica Executive Director <>


Dear All:


I have always provided Stephen M Brown with the benefit of the doubt.  But there are two gravamina to his notification of the Pacifica Board.


Why did he not notify members of his own Group?  Brown had two of his idolaters, Carolyn Birden and Janet Coleman, work with him in his quest to prove that DVDs had been copied illegally.  And please remember that it was Carolyn Birden, who termed me a Dracula for reporting crime.  Note:  Mitchel Cohen had also written to Gary Null and stated that I had written to the Internal Revenue Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting- after I had written about the arrest of James Sagurton for Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree, a felony, which was later reduced to harassment when he was found guilty.  It appears that when Steve Brown attempts to destroy Pacifica, it is permissible.


Why did Steve Brown not notify the WBAI Local Station Board, which Steve Brown controlled, about the illegal copying of DVDs?  Remember that Steve Brown stated that Berthold Reimers was qualified to be General Manager of WBAI because Reimers was a Certified Public Accountant and had two MBAs in Finance.  Yet, at the time Brown was defending Berthold Reimers as being qualified to be General Manager of WBAI, Brown has stated that he possessed evidence and had written to the Executive Director of Pacifica that Berthold Reimers knew of the illegal duplication of Gary Null’s DVDs.


Steve Brown has used the illegal duplication of DVDs and the ensuing lawsuit, actually a lawsuit which is not being pursued, by Gary Null to oust those individuals, who are opposed to his plan to sell off the constituent broadcasting stations of Pacifica.


Steve Brown’s plan was very well thought out.  Except for the fact that he did not notify members, excluding Carolyn Birden and Janet Coleman, of the Pacifica National Board, who burn incense to his statue, about the illegal duplication of DVDs.  (Or, I should say, that Brown has not admitted that he informed his idolaters of the pirating of DVDs.)


Nor did Brown notify members of the WBAI Local Station Board of the illegal copying of DVDs- allegedly by Berthold Reimers.  The WBAI LSB was controlled by Steve Brown and those, who burn incense to his statute.  The WBAI LSB could have immediately censured Berthold Reimers and those individuals, who illegally made copies of Gary Null’s DVDs.  But there is a problem.  It was Steve Brown’s supporters, who attended the meetings of the WBAI Community Advisory Board and who constituted the WBAI Volunteers.  It was Steve Brown’s supporters, who distributed the DVDs via the United States Postal Service.


Then we have the question of who illegally copied DVDs.  Perhaps it was supporters of Steve Brown, who illegally copied Gary Null’s DVDs.  After all, Berthold Reimers was elected General Manager of WBAI with the support of Steve Brown; and Reimers is named as a Defendant in Gary Null’s lawsuit.  But it was probably not Berthold Reimers, who illegally made copies of the Gary Null DVDs.  Could it have been one of the WBAI Volunteers?  Could it have been an individual, who attends meetings of the WBAI Community Advisory Board?


Who made illegal copies of the non-Gary Null DVDs?  Who?  Could it have been a supporter of Steve Brown?  Could it have been one of Brown’s followers, who sits on the WBAI Local Station Board who has illegally duplicated DVDs?


If Null’s lawsuit proceeds, the bell will toll for Steve Brown’s Group.  That is why there are only broad generalizations in Null’s lawsuit.  The Judge will dismiss Null’s lawsuit because it alleges misconduct and does not provide instances of the misconduct.


Null can file an amended complaint; he will have only one chance to file an amended complaint.  But the Defendants can file an Answer to the Complaint and state that Gary Null has not named as Defendants those individuals, who support Steve Brown, and who have both distributed the pirated DVDs and engaged in the act of illegally copying DVDs.


And I can assure you that the Answer to Null’s Complaint will name supporters of Steve Brown, who illegally copied DVDs.  This illegal copying of DVDs was not restricted to Steve Brown’s opponents and his throw-away supporters, such as Berthold Reimers.  It goes much deeper than this.  Thank you.  Ed Manfredonia


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