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February 16, 2016
What happened to Gary Null’s lawsuit
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Ed Manfredonia <> Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 3:27 PM

Cc: Gary Evans <>, Bernard White <>, Steve Cohen <>, TracyRosenberg <>, CereneRoberts <>, Abby Charles <>, Marcus Jetter <>, Frank LeFever <>, Heather Gray <>, M Hernandez <>, “” <>, Oscar Fernandez <>, Luzette K <>, Keanna Faircloth <>, “Benito A. Diaz” <>, Richard Uzzell <>, William Martin <>, Lona Alias <>, Peter Tucker <>, Bruce Wolf <>, “” <>, jim Dingeman <>, Dgiuseffi <>, John Brinkley <>, Bob Young <>, WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>, Bob Lederer <>, william heerwagen <>, Stephen Howard <>, Ed Manfredonia <>, “” <>, Kenneth Laufer <>, Russell Dale <>, Veronica Faisant <>, Janee Taylor <>, Teresa Allen <>, Kim Kaufman <>, Bill Crosier <>, Summer Reese <>, cfo <>, Pacifica Executive Director <>, Stephen M Brown <>, Margy Wilkinson <>, John Gladney Proffitt <>, Don DeBar <>, MELISSA ENNEN <>, James Sagurton <>, Joseph Harney <>, “” <>, Reggie Johnson <>, Steve Brown <>, Melissa Ernst <>, Anita Hawkins <>, Otis Maclay <>, Janet Coleman <>, john garry <>, Omar Burdet <>, Sequoia Mercier <>, Reza Pour <>, Bella De Soto <>, yudamaan <>, Israel Feuer <>, Dave Johnson <>, Marla Bernstein <>, Christine Peres-Pena <>, Augustin Cebada <>, Thomas Halle <>, Moe Mansouri <>, Fernando Roldan <>, Dan Nowman <>, Lance Charles <>, Dr Thomas Halle <>, Mike Madani <>, Cuco <>, Jan Goodman <>, Rob Macon <>, Jon Almeleh <>, “Scooter, , MELISSA ENNEN <>, Kevin Keating <>, James Sagurton <>, Carl Makower <>, Joseph Harney <>, <>, Jack Depalma <>, Jack Shalom <>,” <>, Lydia Brazon <>, Quincy McCoy <>, Efren Llarinas <>

Dear Mr. Greenfield


This missive is in response to Gary Nulls lawsuit

Gary Null & Associates, Inc.





Pacifica Foundation, Inc., Berthold Reimers,

Lydia Brazon, John Gladney Proffitt, Margy

Wilkinson, Mitchel Cohen



Civil Action No:  1:16-CV-241


It appears that no Affidavit of Service and No Request for Judicial Intervention has been filed.  I believe that you as the attorney for Gary Null had to deliver the summons and complaint and file the Request for Judicial Intervention within a 30 day period.  If the 30 day time limit is correct, then the deadline has passed.  Note:  I am not an attorney and my opinions are my opinions based upon the apparent non-action of this lawsuit.


Has the time period passed for serving the summons and complaint and for filing a request for judicial intervention?  If the time period has passed, pray tell what was the reason for filing this nebulous complaint?  The complaint appears to be composed mainly of dark matter, which has been unobserved, but which is theorized to exist.


Simply stated:  Was the lawsuit an exercise in what course of action Gary Null could pursue?  After all Gary Null could have served everyone and requested a restraining order, which would prevent duplication of his copyrighted material.  Null did not have to seek monetary damages as Stephen M Brown stated; Null could have sought injunctive relief.


And what was the purpose of Stephen M Brown, a close associate of Gary Null, writing that Pacifica (Pacifica Foundation Radio and not Pacifica Foundation) could be fined tens of millions of dollars?  Or Stephen M Brown stating that he witnessed Berthold Reimers illegally duplicate DVDs- Brown’s statement not mine.  And, I believe, Brown named two other individuals as witnesses to this pirating of DVDs.


Stephen M Brown opined about the 30 day rule of the Federal Trade Commission.  Yes, I know that Stephen M Brown is an expert on the Federal Trade Commission.  After all, the Federal Trade Commission fined Stephen M Brown $150,000 for his misadventures. I suppose that you did not know that fact.


So what happened to the lawsuit?  Did Gary back down from Mitchel Cohen’s boasts of a libel lawsuit against others?  Did Gary Null turn the other cheek to Mitchel Cohen’s taunts?  If Gary backed down that does not speak well for the basis of the lawsuit- copyright fraud.  Nor does the dropping of the lawsuit speak well of your capabilities for initiating a lawsuit, which your client declined to pursue.  PS:  I was sued by Proskauer Rose for libel and Proskauer backed down.  And this appeared in BusinessWeek


A response would be appreciated.  Thank you.  Ed Manfredoni


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